30, 65 and 125W mains PSUs support 130% overload for 10 seconds

30, 65 and 125W mains PSUs support 130% overload for 10 seconds

TAD30-P, TAD65-P and TAD125 are nominally rated at 30, 65 and 125W respectively, and “can provide high peak power to meet needs of temporary high load situations in industrial and communication applications, such as electric tools, electric beds, printers and other electric motor equipment”, according to Luso.

The supplies are made by P-Duke.

P-Duke offers four styles:

  • TAD… open  76 x 51 x 24
  • TED… enclosed 90 x 60 x 33
  • TDD… enclosed with DIN rail clip
  • TUD… U-chassis 90 x 60 x 33

All of them accept inputs across 85 to 264Vac, 47 to 63Hz

Output voltages are fixed (actually adjustable up to ±10%) and are available across:

  • 30W 3.3 – 53V (14 versions)
  • 65W 5 – 53V (13 versions)
  • 125W 12 – 48V (7 versions)

Taking the 65W series as an example (pictured):

Peak efficiencies vary from 90 to 93.5% . No load input power is 110mW in all cases. 65W is available with convection cooling (50W for the 5V version) Max output power is 90W (65W for 5V version). Input power can also come from a dc source between 120V and 370V. All these specs are with 230Vac in at 25°C.

And also three connector options: JST, Molex or screw terminal block.

The operating temperature range of the series is -40 to +85°C with derating above 65°C (55°C for enclosed an DIN types running from 115Vac).

Isolation is reinforced 3kVac, and operatio is up to 5,000 metres.

All models are safety certificated by IEC/ EN/ UL 62368-1 according to Luso, and there is a built-in EN 55032 EMI Class B filter.

Warranty is three years.

The Luso product page is here