A compact industrial controller for Ethernet has been developed

The concept of Industry 4.0 was first proposed by Germany in 2013. It is one of the top ten projects in the future. From its proposal to the present, it has attracted global attention and triggered a new round of industrial transformation competition on a global scale. It aims to improve the intelligence level of the manufacturing industry and build smart factories with adaptability, resource efficiency and genetic engineering. Its technical foundation is the network entity system and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Recently, maxon has developed the EPOS4 Compact positioning controller, ready to use for industrial Ethernet connections. maxon is a worldwide supplier of high-precision electric motors and drive systems. In high-precision motors and drive systems up to 500W, maxon is a global leader. The successfully developed EPOS4 Compact series of devices can be integrated into deterministic Industrial Ethernet (CAT), creating new opportunities for a variety of applications.

Ethernet control automation technology is an open-architecture, Ethernet-based fieldbus system, the purpose of which is to allow Ethernet to be used in automation applications.


Currently, the controller uses an additional programming language: the new deterministic Industrial Ethernet model is CoE compliant and can be easily integrated into existing deterministic Industrial Ethernet. The new smart motion controller with real-time communication provides a simple and convenient way of working to control brushed DC and brushless EC motors with peak currents up to 30A. Thanks to its modular design, it saves space and is especially suitable for single- or multi-axis systems in small plants and machines, as well as robotics. The space saved can be used for the design of other functions to improve machine performance. It can also be used in the field of miniaturization of robots and industrial equipment. Provide value for the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

And maxon also offers its customers a wide range of accessories to make the connection and integration process as simple as possible. In addition to the intuitive “EPOS Studio” software, the controller can integrate Windows DLLs and Linux shared object libraries into various host systems free of charge. The space-saving, compact positioning design of the EPOS4 controller has gained many admirers in the control LAN world. The multifunctional EtherCAT controller is now available in two power versions: 50V/8A and 50V/15A.

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