Adapdix unveils next-generation adaptive AI software

Adapdix unveils next-generation adaptive AI software

Adapdix unveils next-generation adaptive AI software

Adapdix, a company specialising in adaptive enterprise software, has unveiled EdgeOps DataMesh, the first software-only product based upon its EdgeOps platform delivering mass data virtualization, analysis, and AI inference at the edge.

The EdgeOps platform offers a growing suite of software products that starts with DataMesh, enabling enterprises to leverage their data through intelligent analytics, real-time asset optimisation, and adaptive machine control. With Semiconductor and precision manufacturers facing increasing pressure due to the global chip shortage, companies will be able to use EdgeOps products to optimise existing machines and processes.

As a next-generation AI/ML product with data virtualization and analysis, DataMesh overcomes many of the problems that are associated with real-time operational data management by stitching together disparate data streams and performing data ingestion, pre-processing, and edge inferencing in milliseconds.

DataMesh integrates all critical data streams for real-time analysis, enabling split-second decision-making for critical operations and reduced downtime of high-value assets with market-leading ease and speed of implementation.

EdgeOps DataMesh out-of-the-box AI/ML capabilities include KPI measurement, customisable dashboards, and an API.

With a distinct edge-optimised architecture, DataMesh offers flexibility and systems integration capabilities that will help implementation and overcome many of the challenges that are associated with edge AI such as data silos, latency, data security, and ballooning costs of edge-to-cloud data transfer.

DataMesh users will be able to quickly and easily feed data into new or existing tools and applications for a variety of use cases, including asset health observability and predictive maintenance.

“With the ongoing worldwide chip shortage, semiconductor companies are urgently looking for ways to yield more from their existing resources and Adapdix software helps them achieve exactly that,” said Anthony Hill, the company’s CEO. “Several of our customers are already seeing phenomenal performance increases in equipment uptime and quality improvements—they are blown away that they can get up and running in less than a day and begin to see ROI within weeks.”