Automotive motor control solutions meet growing demands

Infineon Technologies Automotive Motor Control Solutions, available now from Mouser, are employed for the environmental and application demands of the automotive industry. The demands have influenced the replacement of mechanical solutions with electrical motors. High priority factors, like CO2 reduction, have grown the requirement for smart electrically controlled motors.

The number of electrical motors in cars is increasing steadily for classical combustion engines and electric cars. Instead of utilising energy from a combustion engine, these solutions can be switched and speed controlled on demand. Enablement of functions needs highly efficient, reliable, smaller, cost-effective, and flexible Semiconductor solutions. The company facilitates those features with its extensive automotive motor control portfolio. It can cover multiple application demands with efficient and flexible solutions designed with low, medium, and high integration possibilities.

The company is continually developing its portfolio of semiconductors for smart, state-of-the-art DC and BLDC motor control applications. This comprehensive portfolio of intelligent motor control ICs is complemented by microcontrollers, transceivers, sensors, and supply products for end-to-end solutions.