Automotive USB 2.0 mux/demux switches with 24V protection

Automotive USB 2.0 mux/demux switches with 24V protection

  • PI3USB4000DQ is a 2:1/1:2 switch for differential bi-directional DPDT
  • PI3USB4002AQ is a 1:1 switch for differential bi-directional DPST switching

24Vdc withstanding is provided on one high-speed data port (‘C0’ pins), enabling them to tolerate shorts between D± and Vbus on both USB and USB Type-C connectors. This “protects the system from damage due to connector or cable damage”, according to the company.

Co pins also get ESD protection to IEC61000-4-2 10kV.

L0, L1 and Vdd pins are only protected to 6V.

The ‘Ref’ pin is also 24V tolerant, and must be fitted with a capacitor rated to suit this.

Over-voltage protection is implemented at 4.75V to immediately switch off the channels when over-voltage condition is detected.

For signal integrity with USB 2.0 signals, bandwidth is 1GHz.

In both devices, typical on capacitance and resistance are 7pF and 5Ω, and propagation delay is 250ps.

Typical 240MHz off isolation and cross-talk are -30dB and -35dB respectively/

Operation is over 2.7 to 5.5V and -40°C to 125°C, and consumption is typically 35µA (PI3USB4002AQ – SPDT – switches to a 1µA low-consumption mode when the data channel is off).

Control pins support 1.8V logic.

Both come in a 1.5 x 2mm U-QFN1520-10 package and are AEC qualified in IATF 16949 certified manufacturing sites and support PPAP documentation.

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