Avnet and ON Semiconductor Accelerate Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation with New Development Framework

February 22, 2021, Beijing, China – Avnet (Avnet, Nasdaq: AVT), a leading global technology solutions provider, and ON semiconductor (Nasdaq, U.S.), driving energy-efficient innovations Listing code: ON) have teamed up to create a framework to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) develop end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) devices faster. This collaboration simplifies the process of building IoT-enabled devices with ON Semiconductor’s rapid prototyping system solutions, which are pre-configured to connect to IoT application developers and service providers via the cloud. Avnet’s IoTConnect® platform, powered by Microsoft® Azure and the associated Avnet IoT Partner Program, facilitates this connectivity. The first solution supported by ON Semiconductor is the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit, featuring the industry’s lowest power Flash-based Bluetooth Low Energy radio and a range of advanced environmental sensors.

Through this collaboration, Avnet and ON Semiconductor have removed as much complexity as possible from the IoT development process, enabling OEMs to easily build products and experiences around these products and bring them to market faster while reducing risk. Avnet and ON Semiconductor offer a selection of pre-integrated hardware and software solutions, including a variety of connectivity options, as well as guides for building solutions to simplify and accelerate development, allowing OEMs to focus on building market-differentiated solutions.

Wiren Perera, Director of IoT, ON Semiconductor, said: “ON Semiconductor’s innovative low-power system approach is combined with Avnet’s powerful
The IoTConnect platform, together, provides a secure development environment for jump-starting any IoT initiative. IoT presents a huge opportunity for OEMs to add autonomy to their products through sensing, connectivity and actuation, thereby creating new revenue streams and increasing efficiencies. ON Semiconductor and Avnet help OEMs drive innovation and build smarter devices that meet the needs of their customers. “

Additionally, OEMs may require many new skills to start IoT projects, making it difficult for a company to get all the elements to work together seamlessly, including the complexities of dealing with the diverse and globalized supply chains required to build and deliver IoT solutions .

“Avnet and ON Semiconductor provide solutions to meet the changing needs of OEMs and their customers,” said Lou Lutostanski, vice president of IoT at Avnet. “We offer ways to help OEMs stay competitive, maximize revenue potential, and adopt Design with the right technology to create secure IoT scenarios.”

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