Bulgin introduces online cable assembly configuration

Bulgin introduces online cable assembly configuration

To try out Bulgin’s new configurator tool go to: https://www.bulgin.com/en/custom-solutions/custom-cable-assembly/

Assembly concepts for power, data and fiber optic implementations can be rapidly created and any adjustments required then subsequently made.

When a customer accesses the tool, they will be able to utilize a wide variety of different possible options – enabling them to create a cable assembly that exactly meets their deployment criteria.

They will navigate through a series of filters, which will allow them to choose the particular features and performance parameters they want incorporated into their design.

These include current ratings, number of contacts, contact types, plug/inline body types, etc. In addition, they will be able to decide on the cable length and whether the cabling will have a single-ended, double-ended or triple-ended arrangement.

Different housing materials (plastic, metal, etc.) can be picked, as well as numerous cabling materials (PVC, PUR, etc.).

Once the assembly configuration has been completed by the customer, they will be presented with a 2D rendering of their design – with a PDF being produced so that the details can be verified.

From there all the data that has been generated by the enquiry will go directly to the Bulgin Rapid Response Team. A sample unit can then be quickly constructed and sent to the customer for examination.

“Our Custom Cable Assembly Builder will prove to be an invaluable tool to those looking to implement a custom connector/cabling solution. It will allow a visual representation of the design to be viewed, so as to ensure that it is in line with what the customer originally envisaged,” states Luke Hulley, Global Marketing Manager at Bulgin. “Via this method, our customers will be able to go through the construction phases, mixing and matching different connector and cabling options in order to find which combination suits their exact needs. From there, our engineering staff can transform the idea into an actual assembly.”