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C&K Introduces THB Miniature DIP Rocker Switches for High-End Gaming Joysticks, Drones and Industrial Controllers

Waltham, MA – February 11, 2020: C&K, a leading manufacturer of high-reliability electromechanical switches, today announced the launch of the new THB miniature dipstick rocker switch. THB expands C&K’s rapidly… Read more »

News Morning Post: It is reported on the Internet that Jack Ma will transfer Alibaba’s equity to Zhejiang Finance Department for free, but Ant denies it

   Ten years ago, WeChat released version 8.0: the expression can be moved, the floating window style has been optimized, and my status has been added. On the second day… Read more »

13 vulnerabilities in real-time operating system kernel NUCLEUS could lead to attacks on many healthcare devices and OT systems

Enterprise device security firm Forescout recently warned that 13 vulnerabilities discovered in the Nucleus TCP/IP stack could be exploited to remotely execute code, cause a denial of service, or obtain… Read more »

The tycoon in the currency circle reported a tens of billions of listed companies: more than 200 million accounts for the purchase of mining machines, more than 4,000 bitcoins are in the name of the boss!The company’s latest response is here

Keyword currency circle On the afternoon of August 8, Yibang International held a press conference. Hu Dong, the company’s chairman, said that he had reported to the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory… Read more »

Design compact, high-performance patient monitoring devices using dense, flexible interconnects

“With the increased need for monitoring of many chronic diseases and physical conditions, the use of patient monitoring devices is rapidly expanding as they are critical to speeding healing, avoiding… Read more »

Attention | 15 illegal apps are suspected of collecting personal privacy information beyond the scope

The National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center recently discovered through Internet monitoring that 15 mobile applications have privacy violations, violated the relevant provisions of the “Network Security Law”, and were… Read more »

FAVAC Virtual Showroom Goes Live: A Comprehensive Showcase of Leak Detection Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pfeiffer Vacuum officially launched a new virtual exhibition hall, which comprehensively displays different types of drug packaging leak detection methods (Container Sealing Integrity Test, CCIT for short) through diversified representations… Read more »

Only by understanding the principle of the human brain can we create a brain-like computing system Tianji chip

Brain-like computing is a new computing technology based on the development of neuromorphic engineering, drawing on the basic principles of brain science, artificial-oriented general intelligence. Why develop such a technology?… Read more »