China Unicom released the first full 5G industrial Internet end-to-end application

On December 5, 2019, China Unicom officially released the world’s first full 5G industrial Internet end-to-end application in the “5G Pilot Demonstration Zone” in Xinchang, Zhejiang. The developed industrial Internet gateway based on Huawei’s 5G module.

It is understood that the end-to-end application of the full 5G industrial Internet was first successfully installed and commissioned in Xinchang Technology Innovation Benchmark Enterprises – Siling Automotive Bearings, Zhongcai Pipeline, and Xinchai Co., Ltd., and real-time production data was uploaded through the 5G industrial Internet gateway. It marks that the mature and large-scale application of 5G has once again reached a new level.

China Unicom released the first full 5G industrial Internet end-to-end application

China Unicom’s 5G industrial Internet gateway is the world’s first 5G gateway applied in actual production scenarios. It can be used in harsh and complex factory environments to directly connect to industrial machines and equipment for data collection. Data transmission enables managers to easily grasp the production and operation conditions at different times and regions. The 5G industrial Internet gateway makes the data interaction between machines and platforms more efficient, and the characteristics of 5G ultra-high speed, ultra-large link, ultra-low latency and secure transmission can be fully interpreted.

China Unicom released the first full 5G industrial Internet end-to-end application

At present, the actual measured uplink speed of 118Mbps is nearly 10 times faster than the original 10-20Mbps; at the same time, the 5G network can provide ubiquitous equipment connection nodes for the production workshop, and the two-pronged approach will strongly aggregate data to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of production data. It lays a solid digital foundation for the intelligent production of enterprises, greatly reduces the operation and management costs of enterprises, and improves economic benefits.

The end-to-end connection of the full 5G industrial Internet perfectly solves the problems of mutual interference, instability, slow transmission, and untimely industrial WIFI, realizes real-time and reliable data interaction, and strongly supports industrial product design, MES, ERP, APS, and product quality inspection. , AR/VR to guide equipment maintenance and other intelligent production management systems, provide a network foundation for the construction of 5G fully connected smart factories, and provide sufficient power for the improvement of Chinese manufacturing.

The release of the first full 5G industrial Internet end-to-end application is not limited to the efficient extraction of data and large-bandwidth transmission, but also based on the overall capabilities of the 5G cloud network to form machines, raw materials, control systems, information systems, products and The network interconnection between people realizes intelligent control, operation optimization and changes in production organization through comprehensive in-depth perception of industrial data, real-time transmission and exchange, rapid computing and processing, and advanced modeling and analysis.

In the first year of 5G commercial use, China Unicom continued to promote the integration of the 5G industry and the industrial Internet field, and provided demonstration experience for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry. On the other hand, grasp the deep integration of 5G and various vertical fields. Further explore new 5G applications in the fast-growing new economy, new business formats, new parks, new towns, and new enterprises, empower enterprises to transform and upgrade, push intelligent manufacturing into the fast lane, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. 5G + Industrial Internet will help China’s real economy take off.

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