Data acquisition solution allows smaller form factor instruments

Analog Devices Inc. ADAQ23875 μModule Data Acquisition Solution is a SiP integrating multiple common signal processing and conditioning blocks in a single device. The device is available now from Mouser. These blocks include low noise, fully differential ADC Driver (FDA), a stable reference buffer, and a high speed, 16-bit, 15MSPS SAR ADC. Using the company’s iPassives technology, the device also includes crucial passive components with superior matching and drift characteristics to reduce temperature dependent error sources and to provide optimised performance. The fast settling of the ADC driver stage, with fully differential or single-ended to differential input and no latency of the SAR ADC, gives a unique answer for high channel count multiplexed signal chain architectures and control loop applications.

The μModule is provided in a small footprint, 9mm x 9mm CSP_BGA package, allowing smaller form factor instruments without sacrificing performance. Single, 5V supply operation is possible while delivering optimum performance from the device. It features a serial LVDS digital interface with one-lane or two-lane output modes, enabling the user to optimise the interface data rate for each application. The specified operating temperature range of the μModule is from -40C to +85C.

Typical application solutions include ATE, data acquisition, HiL, power analysers, Non-destructive test (acoustic emissions), mass spectrometry, travelling wave fault location, medical imaging and instruments, and ultrasonic flowmeters.