element14 expands its product lineup with the addition of Amphenol PIHER series of cutting-edge potentiometers and non-contact sensors

Shanghai, China, October 14, 2019 – element14, a global distributor of Electronic components and development services, further expands its product lineup with the addition of the Amphenol PIHER series of non-contact sensors and potentiometers. This family of devices utilizes advanced Hall-effect and sensing technologies to provide low-cost, high-performance control and measurement solutions.

Amphenol PIHER products are ideal for high-precision, high-reliability applications such as automotive, aerospace, industrial, marine, home appliances, and more. With the ever-increasing demand for smart machines and driverless cars, the use of PIHER position controllers and sensors is growing exponentially.

The new addition to the PIHER range provides customers with more options to purchase more Amphenol products from element14 and receive their next day delivery. Dave Beck, EU and Asia Pacific Product Director, Interconnect, Passive & Electromechanical Devices, Farnell and element14, said: “This franchise strengthens our relationship with Amphenol and further deepens our existing inventory of extensive sensing solutions. Over 9,000 sensor and potentiometer products are now available from stock to element14 customers.”

The PIHER series products available from element14 mainly include:

·PST 360 non-contact high-precision position/angle sensor adopts ultra-thin package, and integrates through-axis sensing design and 360° absolute position feedback. With integrated redundancy, this sensor is ideal for off-highway, construction, and agricultural equipment steer-by-wire applications. It can be easily applied to offshore outboard steering and throttle control equipment, sports and exercise equipment, weather vanes, automation equipment and medical equipment.

The PSX-6 and PS-6 6mm SMT potentiometers are configurable in a small package and are flexible and easy to use. The low-profile dust-proof design allows this product to be used in space-constrained applications. This is the battery life-enhanced version of the PS-6, providing a cost-effective control solution for home appliance and automotive industry applications.

PIHER PS2P-CON sensors are not affected by radial and axial play on moving shafts, PS2P-LIN linear non-contact position sensors minimize errors in linear positioning measurements. Both products avoid major misalignment results and provide excellent performance without labor-intensive maintenance. These absolute sensors do not lose measurements after a power outage.

Customers can now purchase the PIHER range of sensors and potentiometers through Farnell in EMEA and element14 in Asia Pacific.

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