Enhanced safety certified surface mount MLCC use less board space

Knowles Precision Devices safety-certified MLCCs, available now from TTI Europe, offer a high capacitance range from 4.7pF to 56nF, voltage rating up to 305Vrms and meet class Y2/X1, X1 and X2 requirements. They comply with international UL and IEC/EN specifications, with certification by UL, cUL and TUV and provide the benefits of a lower profile and less board space.

These devices are offered in case sizes 1808,2211,2215, and 2220. All are available with the option of FlexiCap termination to decrease the risk of mechanical cracking. All parts have a CTI >= 600, enabling them to provide the SYS range with an even smaller footprint and suitable for equipment within the scope of IEC 62368.

Typical application areas include high voltage battery systems within electric vehicles; Three-Phase systems requiring 305VAC line to line; industrial and domestic equipment where safety is critical; plug-in power supplies; applications within the scope of IEC 62368. Ref: EN 60384-14, clause; are ideal for use within ICT and AV equipment; industrial Switchgear and control systems; three-phase systems requiring higher voltage ratings; and domestic circuit breakers.