Expanded series adds output modules for industrial applications

Vox Power has launched two new 300W output modules for employment with their NEVO+600 and NEVO+1200 series modular power supplies. These very high-reliability output modules are excellent for industrial, Industry 4.0, machine building, robotics and ITE applications. Needing two slots on the NEVO+ configurable chassis, the OPA2 and OPA3 modules offer field configurable, manually adjustable output voltages from 4.5V to 15V at 25A and 9V to 30V at 15A, respectively.

The series offers full industrial and medical safety agency approvals and gives system designers unrivalled flexibility in applications where power density, size and weight are vital factors. The two new modules provide further support for new product design and current application development.

Previously NEVO+600 units employed as many as four isolated, configurable power modules to deliver up to 600W, while the larger 1200W model employed up to eight. With the launch of the new output modules, that number is decreased to two and four respectively, enabling users to minimise cable and link demands and part count, simplifying construction, improving reliability and, in most applications, a decrease in overall system costs.

The devices are safety certified to IEC/UL60950-1 2nd Ed, IEC/UL62368-1 2nd Ed, IEC61000, and IEC55011 for EMC requirements and is CE/UKCA marked. Medical approvals incorporate IEC/UL60601-1 3rd Ed for safety and EMC IEC/UL60601-1-2 4th Ed for EMC immunity.

These very high-reliability output modules (1FPMH at 40C at 80% load) both modules provide excellent load, line and cross-regulation as well as protection against over-current, voltage, temperature and short circuit.