Extended range for miniature plastic enclosure family

The 1551 miniature plastic enclosure family from Hammond Electronics comprises 49 different sizes; in this newest extension to the range, a further ten versions have been released. In addition to the size and configuration options, a selection of colours, flanged lids, keyring and USB C versions are also offered. The 1551V ventilated sensor enclosure versions have now been increased with 45, 60 and 80mm diameter round versions, offered with plain or vented covers. Also added to the range are unventilated cover versions of the 80mm x 80mm, 60mm x 60mm, 40mm x 40mm and 80mm x 40mm square and rectangular enclosures.

A key feature is a snap-fit closure, which enables repeated opening and closing with no tools and maximises the internal space for PCBs by removing screw fixings to secure the cover to the base. The internal real estate available for PCB mounting is 74mm x 74mm, 54mm x 54mm, 34mm x 34mm and 74mm x 34mm in the rectangular units and 39, 54 and 73.5mm in the circular ones. All options are available in black, grey and white UL94-HB ABS as standard. All bases provide 4mm high PCB stand-offs, wall mounting slots, and a 15mm cable knockout.

All sizes are 20mm high, which provides enough space for board-mounted RJ45, USB and other standard communication interfaces.