Formaldehyde sensor module for HVAC and indoor air quality applications

The Sensirion SFA30, available now from RS Components, is a formaldehyde detection module based on electrochemical sensing technology optimised for the lowest false alarm rates to accurately detect low HCHO concentrations.

The sensor has a low cross-sensitivity to ethanol. It is optimised to operate in the low parts-per-billion (ppb) range to precisely detect low HCHO concentrations around the WHO reference value for indoor exposure.

Temperature and humidity compensation through an integrated RHT sensor and a microprocessor assures dependable performance in changing indoor environments. The sensor can resist adverse environmental conditions throughout storage, handling, and transportation.

The robust sensor offers a lifetime of six years due to its advanced anti-dry technology. Each device is factory-calibrated and can be readily integrated through I2C or UART interface into a device. The low power consumption enables battery operation.

The device is ideal for air conditioners and air exchangers, air purifiers, and indoor air quality monitors.