Global distribution agreement with IoT SoC manufacturer

Mouser has agreed on the global distribution with Telink Semiconductor for a range of SoCs, starter kits, and multi-protocol IoT solutions.

The Telink TLSR827x series provides ultra-low-power, concurrent, multi-protocol IoT solutions at the ISM 2.4GHZ band. The devices support BLE 5.1, Bluetooth SIG Mesh, Zigbee, HomeKit, RF4CE, and 2.4GHz proprietary protocols. The state-of-the-art series devices are created on a 32-bit RISC-based microcontroller able to run up to 48MHz and feature up to 32 GPIOs, including a 14-bit ADC, I²C, SPI, I²S, and stereo audio output. The TLSR8278 Audio RCU Starter Kit providers a button function and voice command function support, making it an ideal choice for RF and IR remote control applications. The audio RCU starter kit provides Google voice service, and it offers 27 valid buttons and two-colour indicating LEDs.

The TLSR825x series multi-protocol IoT solutions are single-chip devices ideal for IoT and HID applications. The low-power, concurrent solutions support BLE 5.0 with support for up to eight antennas for indoor positioning and standard Bluetooth 5.0 features. Designers can use the devices in multiple applications, including wearable devices, advanced remote controls, wireless toys, smart lighting, and smart home products.

The company’s Kite Mesh Starter Kit, based on the TLSR8258 device, provides multiple PCBAs to implement Bluetooth Mesh applications. Perfect for home automation and smart lighting, the kit comprises multiple USB dongles for emulating gateways or mesh nodes, as well as a remote control PCBA to emulate wall switches or remote controllers. The kit is supported by various PC tools and a software development kit to support rapid development of mesh applications.