High-performance MEMS microphone for automotive applications

Infineon Technologies has launched the XENSIV IM67D130A. This new device combines its expertise in the automotive industry with its technical leadership in high-end MEMS microphones to satisfy the demand for high performance, low-noise MEMS microphones for automotive applications. The device is claimed to be the first microphone in the market to be qualified for automotive applications, which will simplify the design-in efforts for the industry and decrease the risk of qualification fails.

The microphone offers an increased operating temperature range from -40C to +105C to facilitate various use cases in harsh automotive environments. The high acoustic overload point of 130dB SPL enables the microphone to capture distortion-free audio signals in noisy environments. Because of that, it can be located inside or outside of the vehicle. The device is excellent for in-cabin applications such as hands-free systems, emergency calls, in-cabin communication and active noise cancellation. The microphone is also ideal for exterior applications, including siren or road condition detection. These features allow the usage of sound as a complementary sensor for ADAS and predictive maintenance.

The high SNR of 67dB combined with a particularly low distortion level leads to optimum speech quality and superior speech intelligence for applications based on speech recognition. Furthermore, the microphones have tight sensitivity matching enabling optimised beamforming algorithms for multi-microphone arrays. The microphone is fully qualified for the AEC-Q103-003 standard for automotive applications.