High-quality industry leading stocks with the most doubling potential in the meta universe industry

1: Chinese online company has applied for trademarks such as Chinese Yuanyu, 17 Yuanyu, IP Yuanyu, April Tianyuanyu, etc. The company has reached a long-term cooperation with Toutiao, etc., and has a layout around audio content, digital ecology and other fields. The current market value is 13.8 billion. , The actual circulation value is 9.5 billion.

2: Goertek is the leading VR equipment foundry company. It is expected to remain a well-known VR product core assembly supplier in the future. The company is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of precision components such as acoustics, sensors, optoelectronics, and hardware products such as virtual reality. The current market value is 196.1 billion, the actual circulation value is 116.8 billion.

3: BlueFocus Company is the earliest ByteDance overseas agent, with excellent performance in the overall business and new customer expansion, and the company has established its own tool-based platform. Its main business is to provide enterprises with brand management services, including brands Chain services such as promotion and digital media marketing. AI, blockchain, robotics and other laboratories are also deployed in the cloud computing field. The current market value is 24.3 billion and the actual circulation value is 21.4 billion.

4: Fengshang Culture Company has deployed augmented reality and virtual reality content production technology, completed digital content and scene construction, has a full range of performing arts creation genes, and has a first-mover advantage in virtual scenes such as stage construction. The current market value is 11.5 billion. The circulating value is 2.9 billion.

5: Aoya Design Company is committed to establishing in-depth cooperation with leading companies in the field of digital technology, returning the advantages of content creativity, space creation, and integrated management in the metaverse industry chain. In addition, the company’s current projects are expected to become cutting-edge digital The art and meta-universe experience space currently has a market value of 4.4 billion and an actual circulation value of 1.1 billion.

6: Guoguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. provides product acoustic modules. Related AR products are in the research and development stage. The main speaker and speaker products are the leader in the electroacoustic industry. The subsidiary focuses on polymer lithium-ion batteries, which are widely used in wearable Electronic products. The market value is 6.8 billion, and the actual circulation value is 5.1 billion.7: The existing AR/VR technology of Gongda Electroacoustic icon is related to the product and the concept of meta universe. The series of micro microphone products developed and produced by the company can be directly mounted to achieve automatic mounting. It is widely used in cutting-edge products in the industry, with a current market value of 7.1 billion and an actual circulation value of 6 billion.

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