High-reliability power connectors protected from physical knocks and damage

Specify high current and high quality for maximum power in extreme conditions with the Harwin 8.5mm pitch Kona connector series, available now from TTI Europe. These connectors are capable of delivering up to 60A and 3000V per contact. Individually shrouded contacts and the robust housings protect the connections from physical knocks and damage. Vibration and shock resilience are built into the design, with the six-finger beryllium copper alloy contacts for electrical continuity and good spring force properties.

Full gold plating resists wear from continued use and provides for 250 mating cycles. Low outgassing properties and an extensive temperature range to withstand the most extreme environments. Cable-to-board configurations are available with stainless steel mate-before-lock thumbscrew hardware for a fast, easy and secure connection.

Typical applications include aviation power control systems, in-flight Infotainment and In-cabin services, navigation and flight systems, UAVS, engine power management, vehicle electronics, remote robotics drives, servo controls, satellites and CubeSats, industrial power units and power control systems, mining or oil and gas power systems.