Highest level of protection for POS terminals

POS (point of sale terminals) are not sufficiently protected against physical attacks. Attackers may access sensitive data (such as credit card numbers and PIN codes) employing probes or mini-drills. An added security element in the security caps of the terminals can reliably block such attacks.

Harting 3D-MID security caps enhance the safety classification. Electrical paths (traces) inside the protective cap providing a very reliable extra security mechanism that shields against physical attacks. These traces create a closed circuit. They are so close together that it is almost impossible for an attacker to get access. Any attempt to attack either damages a trace and breaks the circuit or short out two traces. This makes the POS terminal shut down instantly, resulting in the loss of cached data and rendering the device unusable.

The caps protect the electronics mechanically and electronically from unauthorised access. A high-precision meandering structure identifies even the smallest intrusion – therefore stopping data theft.

The electrical traces are applied directly to the plastic parts of the security caps employing the 3D-MID process. The company says it is the largest supplier of 3D-MID components (Mechatronic Integrated Devices) outside of Asia and provides all steps in the process under one roof. The injection-moulded circuit carriers replace traditional solutions that utilise a plastic carrier and PCB. They achieve this by integrating the function of both parts into one MID. This decreases weight, lessens the number of components and reduces production costs while at the same time increasing security. This solution is especially useful for POS terminals to increase security standards and to guard against hacker attacks.