How long does it take to make a custom quotation for aluminum alloy die castings? China Die Casting Plant

How long does it take to make a custom quotation for aluminum alloy die castings China Die Casting Plant

Nowadays, aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers of all sizes and regions are emerging in endlessly, and the information on the Internet is also overwhelming. So how long does it take to make a custom quotation for aluminum alloy die castings? Today, the editor will take you to understand the relevant information about the quotation of aluminum alloy die castings.

First of all, we have to determine the mold cost of aluminum alloy die-casting according to the size and structure of the aluminum alloy die-casting parts customized by the customer. Many aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers will quote the mold cost separately, and some of the large quantities will allocate the mold cost to the unit price of the product. This sounds like a free mold fee. In fact, everyone knows the truth in the middle, but it just gives the customer a feeling It is quite comfortable.

Secondly, it is necessary to follow the customized aluminum alloy die casting surface treatment requirements and the selected surface treatment process quotation. The unit price of different surface treatments is different. The common surface treatment processes of aluminum alloy die castings include: electroplating, baking paint, powder spraying, oil spraying, The most widely used processes such as sandblasting are electroplating and baking varnish;

Finally, perhaps it may be a more important factor, that is, quantity; as a manufacturer, we all know that the picture is the quantity, and the basic rule of each industry is that the quantity is large, and the saying goes that small profits but quick turnover is the same. In fact, as a professional Dongguan aluminum alloy die-casting factory, you need to know the detailed requirements and process characteristics and difficulty of each product in each project. The price calculated in this way is the most reasonable unit price. Of course, this must be a price. A little bit of time, so when you are looking for a quotation from a die casting manufacturer, do not rush to ask for a quotation. If necessary, it is not too late to communicate the requirements and process characteristics. Is the unit price really accurate? Is it too busy and has no time to deal with it or knows it well? We have experience in producing similar products before. We benevolent see the benevolent and the wise see the wisdom. I sincerely hope that you can find the most cost-effective and coordinated supplier.