How to choose between Dongguan Die Casting Factory and Shenzhen Die Casting Factory?

How to choose between Dongguan Die Casting Factory and Shenzhen Die Casting Factory

Everyone knows that the die-casting industry in China is relatively concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. So, among the die-casting plants in the Pearl River Delta, how should the Dongguan die-casting plant and the Shenzhen die-casting plant choose? Today, the editor will do the following analysis for you, hoping to help you in selecting die casting manufacturers.

First of all, you must select the nearest die-casting manufacturer according to your location. This will facilitate the communication timeliness in the cooperation. Regardless of the early-stage mold design or the subsequent die-casting mass production, the nearest manufacturer will always improve your efficiency. Just imagine a cooperation. Die-casting manufacturers are all within 30 kilometers, and the driving time is half an hour. In any case, the communication time is greatly saved.

Second, according to the required material, select suppliers with core advantages. If the demand is zinc alloy, then the manufacturer you are looking for is mainly engaged in aluminum alloy die-casting. Then he must not be so professional in zinc alloy, so in the follow-up It is inevitable that the lack of technical strength will bring unnecessary troubles in the cooperation. Therefore, choosing a manufacturer with a targeted and specialized direction is bound to make you twice the result with half the effort.

Thirdly, it depends on whether the die-casting manufacturer has the strength in a series of supporting processes from mold opening design, mold making, die-casting molding, post-processing, surface treatment, CNC machining, etc. Many die-casting plants in Dongguan and Shenzhen can only open molds. And die-casting molding, other processes are basically outsourced processing, so this will inevitably spread your orders, which is detrimental to the subsequent mass product quality and delivery management. However, manufacturers with integrated one-stop service, regardless of Both the quality and the delivery time will give you a full guarantee.

Fourth, it is also a more important selection criterion. Then it is the price of die-casting parts. Since the cost accounting and profit control of each die-casting plant are different, the quotations of different die-casting plants for the same die-casting parts will be slightly different. The difference is a little bit, and many quotations are far apart, so as a professional procurement inquirer, he will not choose a supplier that he feels unreliable because of the lowest price, nor will he choose a manufacturer with a high price, so the cost is certain Will rise, generally choose a middle quotation for the same product and quotation, so you might as well choose a few more manufacturers for inquiries.

At present, the technical strengths of the Dongguan die-casting plant and the Shenzhen die-casting plant are basically the same. However, in terms of the perfection of the supply chain, each has its own merits. a first-tier city, the upgrading of production capacity in Shenzhen will definitely eliminate some high-polluting industries, such as die-casting electroplating plants and anodizing. factory. These high-polluting surface treatment manufacturers are gradually migrating to Dongguan, Huizhou and other places. As a die-casting plant in Dongguan, which is located in the middle, it has advantages in terms of technical strength and industrial chain support. In addition, Dongguan manufacturing is also well-known in the world. The world’s factory, so you may wish to pay more attention to the die-casting factory in Dongguan when choosing a die-casting factory.