How to maintain the precision zinc alloy die-casting mold correctly

How to maintain the precision zinc alloy die-casting mold correctly

How to maintain the precision zinc alloy die-casting Mold? A set of precision molds can be used for a long time if they are well maintained, and the service life will be greatly reduced if the maintenance is not good. For precision zinc alloy die-casting Mold companies how to target maintenance molds, dozens of molds a month are very normal, a mold from design, processing, assembly, debugging, mass production, the impact of each process is very huge.

The maintenance details are as follows:

1. Die steel

For different products, different mold steels need to be selected. The best one is suitable for the current product. The polishing requirements, corrosion resistance requirements, and heat treatment requirements of the mold also need to be considered.

2. Reasonable mold structure

Shrinkage rate, molding temperature, elastic tensile deformation coefficient, cooling water circuit, and the speed of mold opening and closing are all issues that need to be considered in the design.

3. Mold processing

Reasonable process arrangement can speed up the production cycle, shorten the processing time, and effectively save costs. Accurate and reasonable processing can ensure the stability of the mold in the production process and prolong the life.

4. Buy the right standard parts

Although the general standard parts zinc alloy precision company does not make it by itself, the standard parts control the operation of the entire mold. Good standard parts should be wear-resistant, hard enough, high precision, and not suitable for deformation.

5. Polishing process

The polishing of the mold is the last link in the manufacture of the mold. Insufficient polishing, excessive resistance, difficulty in demolding, and even whitening and cracking.

6. Mold assembly

Assemble must be careful, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious, ranging from product defects, affecting production, and severely damaging the mold, resulting in scrap.

7. Mold maintenance