Integrate and create Tianrongxin with data security to escort the new ecology of the digital economy

On September 23, the first China Cyberspace Emerging Technology Security Innovation Forum with the theme of “Promoting the Application of New Network Security Technologies and Jointly Building a New Development Pattern of Network Security” and “Promoting the Integration and Development of Network Security Emerging Technologies and Industrial Innovation” The membership meeting and the 2021 Cyberspace Security Innovation Technology Summit Forum were grandly held in Shenzhen. As one of the main co-organizers, Tianrongxin Technology Group deeply participated in this conference.

Dr. Xueying Li, Chairman and CEO of Tianrongxin Technology Group, attended the main forum and delivered a keynote speech;

Dr. Xueying Li was elected as the executive director of the China Cyberspace Emerging Technology Security Innovation Forum (Xinanmeng);

Tianrongxin hosted a data security sub-forum, and leaders and experts from all walks of life from government, enterprise, academia, and research gathered to focus on the construction of a data security governance system.

Integration and co-creation help the innovation and development of the network security industry

On the morning of September 23, Dr. Li Xueying, Chairman and CEO of Tianrongxin Technology Group, attended the main forum and delivered a keynote speech on “Insist on Network Security Technology Innovation to Promote Industrial Integration and Development”. Dr. Li Xueying said that the three major driving forces for the rapid development of the network security industry stem from the evolution of informatization, changes in threat confrontation, and the promotion of policy compliance. In this context, China’s network security industry has grown from scratch and has continued to grow. At present, it has shown the “four modernizations” development trends of localization, industrialization, serviceization and intelligence.

With the continuous emergence of new scenarios, new demands, and new threats, “integration” has become the key word for the development of the cybersecurity industry. This includes not only the integration of technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, but also the industrial Internet and the Internet of Vehicles. , the integration of business scenarios such as the Internet of Things, and the ecological integration covering the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. From the perspective of the “four modernizations”, localization consolidates the industrial foundation of network security, industrialization expands the industrial boundary of network security, service-oriented enhances the delivery capability of network security, and intelligence promotes the upgrading of network security capabilities.

Dr. Li Xueying pointed out that the future development of the network security industry will be further developed around 13346, namely 1 goal: network power; 3 types of integration: technology integration, scene integration, ecological integration; 3 synchronizations: simultaneous planning, simultaneous construction, and simultaneous operation ; 4 layers of guarantees: localization, technological innovation, talent training, and standard unification; 6-level capabilities: full-dimensional defense capabilities, seamless discovery capabilities, timely early warning capabilities, rapid response capabilities, elastic recovery capabilities, and joint countermeasure capabilities. Adhering to the concept of “integration and co-creation”, Tianrongxin will always adhere to technological innovation, continue to promote ecological cooperation, and help the high-quality development of the industry.

It was also announced at the meeting that Dr. Li Xueying was elected as the executive director of the China Cyberspace Emerging Technology Security Innovation Forum (Xin UNITA) in the roundtable meeting of the executive director of the China Cyberspace Emerging Technology Security Innovation Forum held on the evening of September 22.

In the data security sub-forum on the afternoon of September 23, Dr. Li Xueying delivered a speech and said that as the earliest network security enterprise in China to deploy data security, Tianrongxin took the lead in proposing the construction idea of ​​”data-centric security construction system”, and A security governance system based on the full life cycle of data has been formed, and large-scale practice has been implemented in large-scale customers in the fields of energy, operators and government affairs.

In Shenzhen, Tianrongxin achieved a localized layout in 2001, and has successively undertaken the network security construction of the municipal party committee, municipal government, districts, commissions and bureaus, as well as many enterprises and institutions, and its business involves government, finance, education , medical, transportation, enterprise, energy and many other industries. In the future, Tianrongxin will continue to resonate with the national strategy at the same frequency, and actively join hands with colleagues in the industry to jointly promote the construction of Shenzhen’s smart city and empower digital transformation through comprehensive security capabilities.

Big coffee gathered to discuss new ideas for data security construction

On the afternoon of September 23, the data security sub-forum hosted by Pengcheng Laboratory and China Cyberspace Emerging Technology Security Innovation Forum (referred to as Xin’anmeng) and undertaken by Tianrongxin Technology Group was successfully held. With the theme of “Focusing on Data Security Governance to Escort the New Ecology of Digital Economy”, the forum invited Fang Binxing, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Zhuomin, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Government Service Data Administration, and Zhai Lidong, secretary-general of the China Cyberspace Emerging Technology Security Innovation Forum (Xin’anmeng), The State Key Laboratory of Information Security of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Zhai Qibin of the Institute of Information Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Li Xueying, Chairman and CEO of Tianrongxin Technology Group, and other leaders and experts from the political, business, academic and research circles gathered together to discuss how to build effective data. Hot topics such as security supervision system, implementation of security protection obligations and responsibilities of data activity subjects, etc. Han Weihong, director of the Platform Institute of the Network Department of Pengcheng Laboratory, served as the moderator of the forum.

Deputy Director Wang Zhuomin said in his speech that in 2021, my country has successively promulgated the “Data Security Law” and the “Personal Information Protection Law”, which together with the “Cyber ​​Security Law” will form a troika, and together they will build a complete foundation for my country’s data security field. Legal System. Data security governance needs to start with the attributes of the data business, focus on the classification and classification of data, focus on the location of data storage, and use trusted authentication of data applications as a necessary means to establish a data-centric security architecture, and build a data-centric security architecture. Data security system for life cycle and usage scenarios.

Shenzhen is at the forefront of innovation and development in the field of national digital industrialization and industrial digitalization. The “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Data Regulations” organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Political Statistics is the first basic and comprehensive legislation in the domestic data field.

Secretary-General Zhai Lidong said that with the explosive growth of the amount of data, the data security situation has become increasingly severe, and behaviors such as leaking personal privacy and misusing data resources have seriously endangered social and public interests and even national security. Therefore, the importance of preventing data security risks, building a data security protection system, and improving the data security governance mechanism has become increasingly prominent.

The purpose of this data security sub-forum is to join hands with industry experts and forces from all walks of life to jointly offer advice and suggestions for the construction of data security, and to discuss the “Chinese solution” for data security protection. Only with data security can there be a digital future. Strengthening data security protection, ensuring data security and its legal and orderly flow, and promoting the sustainable and vigorous development of the digital economy with data as the key element will definitely be the direction of the future digital industry.

Fang Binxing, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in his speech “AI Shooting Range – Model Processing Field Based on Trusted Platform” that the contradiction between privacy protection and data mining in big data scenarios is how to maximize data mining on the premise of protecting data privacy. data value. The model processing field is a safe and controllable analysis platform for processing models. Based on the new concept of “data does not move by program, data is available and invisible”, it solves the contradiction between privacy protection and data mining. It is through the model processing field that the AI ​​shooting range can fully mine the value of data under the premise of privacy protection.

“Talking about the design of cryptographic algorithms that keep pace with the times”

Professor Zhai Qibin State Key Laboratory of Information Security, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Currently, the way our cyberspace operates has evolved into a mobile and cloud environment, traditional forms of boundary-based network control are gradually fading, and a new approach called “Zero Trust (ZT)” is starting to be widely used. A new design is imminent. New cryptographic algorithms should keep pace with the times. If you always make “acceleration technology” repairs to the original standard algorithms that you are used to, the result will be insecure.

“Current Situation and Prospects of Data Security”

Li Hongwei, Deputy Dean of the Institute of Cyberspace Security, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Changjiang Scholar

The 14th Five-Year Plan is an important period for my country to move towards digitalization in an all-round way. Data is the core strategic production factor in the digital age. However, there are still many security problems in the process of data collection, transmission, storage, and use.

In this regard, Li Hongwei analyzed the status quo of data security from multiple dimensions such as national needs, academic frontiers, and industrial applications, and looked forward to the future development direction of data security.

“Data-centric security empowerment system construction”

Wang Pengtian, Vice President of Rongxin Technology Group

Ensuring data security is a necessary condition to promote data development and utilization, and it is necessary to coordinate the relationship between network security, data security and personal information protection at the same time.

Starting from the essence of data security, and using technology as the basis for implementing management goals, Wang Peng conducted an in-depth analysis on key issues such as “data security governance system construction”, “data security capability construction” and “data security operation mechanism construction”. .

“Data Security Practice in Epidemic”

Director of Wugang Shenzhen Big Data Resource Management Center

With the successive promulgation of laws and regulations related to data security in my country, the relevant provisions on the protection of personal information in major emergencies have been supplemented and improved, and strict regulations have been made on the collection and use of sensitive personal information such as medical and health information, creating a good environment for data sharing. safe environment.

How to carry out the rational use of information under the condition of protecting the security of citizens’ personal information, it is necessary to constantly find a balance between data sharing and utilization and personal information protection. Guaranteeing security is the premise and foundation for promoting the development of data sharing. In the future, we will insist on paying equal attention to personal information protection and promoting the development of the digital economy, consolidate the information sharing mechanism during the epidemic prevention and control period, and promote the construction of a complete data sharing security system.

“Public Data Security Technical Requirements”

Dong Anbo Deputy Director of Shenzhen Information Security Management Center

“Technical Requirements for Public Data Security” is a Shenzhen local standard formulated in accordance with the requirements of national laws and regulations such as “Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Data Security Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China”, and GB/T 35273-2020 “Information Security Technology Personal Information Security Specification” and other current technical standards and specifications require integration and convergence, to implement the relevant public data security requirements of the “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Data Regulations”, and to strengthen the public data security construction of public management and service institutions in Shenzhen, Management, operation, etc. have a positive guiding and reference role.

“Open Data Security Collaborative Learning”

Shujiangang Pengcheng Laboratory New Network Research Department

In the era of digital economy, how to balance development and security, balance efficiency and risk, and give full play to the value of data on the premise of ensuring security is an important issue currently facing. Data sharing greatly releases the value of data resources and avoids the phenomenon of “data silos”. However, in a realistic open scenario, all participants are not completely trustworthy, and there is a huge contradiction between data fusion and sharing and security and privacy. Based on mainstream privacy learning frameworks such as multi-party secure computing and federated learning, Shu Jiangang and his team have built an open data security collaborative learning platform, and are committed to constructing a full-life-cycle security prevention and control system covering model training, prediction, and release, breaking through collaborative learning. The Triangular Dilemma of Sex, Privacy, and Availability.

“Practical Experience Sharing of Government Data Security Governance System”

Cao Shupei Tencent Data Security Solution Expert

Data itself is fluid and changing. When building a data security system, the corresponding data security capabilities and security policies must also be adjusted accordingly in order to play their due role.

With the official implementation of laws and regulations such as the “Data Security Law” and “Personal Information Protection Law”, the data security of government and enterprise units will also be transformed from the original single capability construction to a complete data security governance system. Therefore, it is very important to build a management system that satisfies the sharing and utilization of government data. Clarifying responsibilities, standardizing systems, and improving emergency response capabilities are the keys to the effective implementation of data security construction.

Focus on the Internet of Vehicles to escort the high-quality development of the intelligent networked automobile industry

In the field of Internet of Vehicles, with the recent intensive introduction of related policies on Internet of Vehicles security, the development of the industry has accelerated, and the data security of intelligent and connected vehicles has become the focus of the country and the industry. In the network shooting range sub-forum, Li Peiying, operation director of the Internet of Vehicles security product line of Tianrongxin Technology Group, delivered a keynote speech on “Internet of Vehicles Data Security and Shooting Range Construction”. By introducing the necessity and urgency of the data security protection of the Internet of Vehicles, combined with the typical business scenarios of OEMs and demonstration areas, sorting out the rights and responsibilities of each organizational structure in the data security of the Internet of Vehicles in the operation process, it is proposed to classify the core business of the Internet of Vehicles. Classified management and full data life cycle security protection scheme, and from the perspective of system architecture and security operation, it focuses on data security attack and defense and evaluation technology, emergency drill and disaster recovery technology in the construction of the Internet of Vehicles security shooting range, and improves the overall protection of Internet of Vehicles security. Level and support the rapid development of the intelligent networked automobile industry.

Independent innovation is the gene of Tianrongxin, and open integration is the concept of Tianrongxin. In the digital age, data has become a new driving force for social and economic development. As a leading provider of network security, big data and cloud services in China, Tianrongxin is committed to continuously empowering the construction of data security system with comprehensive data security governance capabilities, and making every effort to ensure national data security.

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