Intel forced to release earnings ahead of schedule as hackers steal secrets

On January 22, according to the “Financial Times” report, a hacker stole sensitive financial information from Intel, and Intel had to release its fourth-quarter earnings ahead of schedule.

In this regard, Intel CFO George Davis (George Davis) said, “Hackers compromised the website of the company’s public relations department and obtained a financial infographic, and when we learned about this situation, we immediately released the fourth Quarterly financial report.” Although George Davis did not provide further details to the media, he said the financial information leak was the result of illegal actions and did not involve inadvertent disclosure by the company itself. Intel has yet to comment. An Intel spokesman added, “We have been notified that the graphic within the company is being circulated outside the company, but we believe it has not been published on any platform and we are continuing to investigate the matter.”

It is reported that Intel’s financial information came out 6 minutes before the US stock market closed on Thursday, and Intel’s stock price rose more than 6% that day, including a rise of nearly 2% in the last 15 minutes before the close. As of the close of U.S. stocks on January 21, Intel closed at $62.46 per share, up 6.46% from the previous trading day.

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Intel’s fourth-quarter report for fiscal 2020 showed that Intel’s fourth-quarter revenue was $19.978 billion, down 1% from $20.209 billion in the same period last year; net profit was $5.857 billion, This is a 15% decrease compared to $6.905 billion in the same period last year. Fiscal 2020 sales of $77.9 billion were an all-time high and beat Wall Street expectations of $75.4 billion

Just in the fourth quarter, the number of PC chips Intel sold jumped 33%. Sales of Intel’s chips for personal computers rebounded strongly as more people bought laptops to work and study from home, including more powerful gaming PCs, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the report noted. Not only Intel, the number of computers sold worldwide rose 26% in the fourth quarter, making 2020 the strongest year for the PC industry in a decade.

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