Intel joins forces with partners to create smarter conferencing solutions

At present, the enterprise collaboration environment is evolving day by day, and end users’ demands for remote collaboration, especially video conferencing, are increasing day by day. In this process, Intel is actively investing in the development of intelligent conferencing solutions with its partners with a series of leading software and hardware product portfolios and strong ecosystem advantages. In recent years, many outstanding achievements have emerged, which greatly meets the diverse needs of enterprises for remote collaboration in the new era.


Zoom is the world’s leading cloud video conferencing service provider, aiming to provide a convenient, stable, and mobile video conferencing experience to help users connect teams and partners anytime, anywhere, and easily start high-definition video conferences.


Intel joins forces with partners to create smarter conferencing solutions

Since 2013, Zoom has successively launched a series of products such as Zoom Chat and Zoom Meeting Room, and has provided network video services for meetings, training and technical support, collaboration-based smart meeting rooms, a new generation of enterprise phone systems, and A series of products and solutions such as cross-platform communication and file sharing. In addition, Zoom also has advantages in multiple concurrency, group collaboration, hybrid cloud services and secure access.

The Intel architecture (IA)-based Zoom video conferencing solution currently recommended by Zoom can meet the consistent enterprise experience under various application conditions. Designed and optimized products and solutions for different industries demonstrate the reliable working performance of the Zoom cloud platform.

Goodview network video conferencing solution

Haoshitong has a number of innovative core technology advantages, and is a cloud computing service provider in China that has been awarded a multi-party communication service license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. According to IDC statistics, Goodview ranked first in China’s online conference market share for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019.

Goodview “cloud conference” is an efficient, convenient and low-cost video conferencing product. Unlike traditional video conference systems that are expensive and complicated to build, users only need to log in to the Goodview cloud conference platform on a computer or mobile phone. You can quickly and efficiently communicate with teams and customers around the world with audio and video, and you can watch various data files synchronously. The system adopts the leading H.264, H.265 video coding technology, supports 1080P high-definition images, and incorporates QOS anti-packet loss technology, as well as echo cancellation, mute detection and other audio processing technologies, providing users with immersive experience video remote collaboration experience.


Intel joins forces with partners to create smarter conferencing solutions

Haoshitong intelligent cloud conference terminal HST-MX500 is an integrated intelligent hardware terminal with unique lens single-arm support design. Based on Intel® Core® processor, it perfectly integrates zoom camera, PTZ controller and codec. It is integrated into one and seamlessly connected with the client of Haoshitong cloud conference, which can easily carry out remote audio and video communication and data synchronization sharing, bringing users an excellent audio and video collaboration experience.

Youmi intelligent video collaboration platform Teampro

Founded in 2015, Youmi Technology is a leading technology company focusing on real-time communication cloud services and providing overall solutions for developers and enterprises around the world.


Intel joins forces with partners to create smarter conferencing solutions

Youmi intelligent video collaboration platform Teampro

Teampro is an intelligent video collaboration software product developed by Youmi Technology, which can easily achieve efficient and high-quality remote communication anytime, anywhere. Teampro and Intel have made deep optimization on the processor chip, based on Intel? Media SDK technology to achieve the best ratio of CPU occupancy and codec performance while encoding and decoding ultra-high-speed video.

Teampro covers all terminals and all platforms, and can realize the full-platform operation of various mainstream operating systems and the seamless connection between different platforms. Teampro perfectly supports the Intel® OPS solution. In addition to its excellent performance in 4K ultra-high-definition image quality, 60FPS video frame rate, up to 48KHz audio sampling, and intelligent RNN noise reduction algorithm, its proprietary YoumeFast® disaster recovery and filing solution , it can realize flexible scheduling of 7 public cloud + private cloud architecture, the communication stability is as high as 99.999%, and the ultra-low latency of 100ms is guaranteed in high concurrency scenarios. In addition, Teampro’s account password adopts asymmetric encryption transmission, data transmission supports end-to-end 256/512-bit AES encryption, and service interaction supports SSL encryption throughout the process, effectively ensuring information security. Teampro also provides client SDK and server API, supports C++, Java, C/OC, JS and other languages, supports integration with enterprise OA, CRM and other systems, supports proprietary cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud deployment solutions, supports TCP data transmission. To date, Teampro has successfully powered 1.7 billion global devices, and 100 million concurrent is still rock solid.

CVTE MAXHUB Video Conferencing Solutions

MAXHUB is a brand under CVTE, dedicated to bringing a smarter, more convenient and efficient user experience to meetings, helping enterprises improve work efficiency and stimulate team creativity. Facing the future, MAXHUB insists on independent innovation, and has a complete independent research and development system, focusing on the field of human-computer interaction intelligent applications, and continuously extending and enriching the product structure through technological innovation.


Intel joins forces with partners to create smarter conferencing solutions

The MAXHUB X3 conference Panel solution adopts the video conference system developed by CVTE for the first time, which can provide a more concise, smooth and safe video conference experience and reduce the conference cost of cross-regional enterprises. The conference panel has built-in 12-megapixel smart three-camera, 8-meter 6-array microphones and other top technologies, which can bring smoother, clearer and more stable audio and video effects. At the same time, through the remote screen sharing, remote screen projection and writing synchronization functions of cloud conferences, “face-to-face” collaboration like in the same conference room becomes possible.

In addition, the MAXHUB X3 conference tablet has a built-in OPS-C module built with Intel® Core® series processors. On the basis of inheriting the excellent functional characteristics of the previous generation products, comprehensive functions are optimized for the three conference scenarios of writing, presentation and collaboration, and The annotation mode can be turned on in any interface. Its multi-terminal free connection screen sharing, split screen, reverse computer control and other highlights functions, better realize the wireless connection between terminals, and cross-time and space connection between people, bringing more efficient collaboration the “light office” approach.

Hisense Video Conferencing Solutions

Qingdao Hisense Commercial Display Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hisense Commercial Display”) was established in 2017 and is one of the holding subsidiaries of Hisense Group. Over the years, Hisense Commercial Display has focused on providing commercial display products and systems for domestic and foreign markets. solution.


Intel joins forces with partners to create smarter conferencing solutions

In the field of conferences, Hisense Commercial Display’s self-developed full-scene conference tablet AS Board is widely favored. This full-scene conference tablet equipped with Intel’s leading technology features intelligent and convenient whiteboard writing, wireless screen sharing at one point, high efficiency and ease of use. The effective split-screen collaboration and rich and practical meeting tools bring more possibilities for the efficiency of smart meetings. In addition, Hisense’s interactive hotel TVs, digital signage, and splicing displays are also trusted by consumers by virtue of their technical accumulation and advantages in display, and are widely used in commercial advertising, security monitoring, command and dispatch and other applications.

AS Board Z8 series is equipped with Android 8.0 system and Intel? 8th generation Core? processor computer module, running smoother and more powerful; R6 series adopts a new generation of movement and 4K ultra-high-definition display technology, equipped with OPS pluggable The dual-system solution of pull-out modules has differentiated functions such as split-screen collaboration, which can bring a better interactive experience and maximize meeting efficiency; the W series uses integrated design thinking to integrate 4K high-definition display, computer and mobile phone wireless transmission. Screen, touch painting and calligraphy, and multi-party video integration, and have unique functions such as real restoration, automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast, and comfortable eye protection.

newline business interactive tablet video conferencing solution

newline is a brand of Honghe Technology Co., Ltd. As the creator of the “All in One” product concept, over the years, newline has been based on creating efficient conference solutions, focusing on research and development of collaborative interactive conference products and selling them all over the world.


newline business interactive tablet video conferencing solution

For different intelligent conference and collaborative interactive office application scenarios, newline has launched a series of business interactive tablet video conferencing solutions. The solution is a terminal system integrating high-definition display, touch writing, wireless projection, collaborative whiteboard, remote broadcasting and other functions. It is an intelligent conference application suite running on a variety of intelligent terminals (PC, Tablet, Phone). And the overall conference solution composed of three parts of the conference cloud service.

Whether it is a creative series that is more suitable for internal training and more competitive in price; a sharp series that is more suitable for exhibition halls and pursues display effects; or a pole series that is more suitable for business meetings and has a full range of functions, newline’s solutions can effectively resolve traditional The conference system has the problems of single function, complex deployment and high price, which improves the efficiency of enterprise conferences and reduces the cost of enterprise conferences. Through the software video conference terminal installed on the newline interactive tablet, users can hold self-service point-to-point or multi-point conferences, and extend professional-level video collaboration to personal scenarios. In addition, the solution also has the characteristics of good compatibility and simple operation, and has no need to take notes – the QR code containing the information can be generated after the meeting is over, ensuring security – the residual meeting records are automatically cleared after the meeting, and more Highlight features such as convenient meeting and contact management.

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