Lead a new era!Huawei Shanghai 5G Joint Innovation Center was established

On August 6, under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology (hereinafter referred to as the “Economic and Information Technology Commission”), Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huawei”) undertook the 5 “machine” New Value, New Opportunity Summit held in Shanghai , And established the Shanghai 5G Joint Innovation Center to accelerate the agglomeration of the 5G industry and help Shanghai build a collaborative innovation ecosystem.

It is reported that the Shanghai 5G Joint Innovation Center is one of the major 5G special projects of the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission in 2020. It is guided by the Economic and Information Commission and jointly planned by the Shanghai 5G Cloud VR Industry Alliance and the Shanghai Emerging Information Technology Application Research Institute. Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the landing operation on behalf of the Secretariat of the Shanghai 5G Cloud VR Industry Alliance. Shanghai Unicom, Shanghai Telecom and Huawei provide network and technical support, and Wanda and other industry partners and core members of the alliance work together to build; positioning 5G application incubation, functional testing, and scenario verification , Training experience, investment transformation; aiming to build a world-class, domestically leading 5G ecological open platform, aiming at application scenarios, cultivating the industry ecology, accelerating the incubation of 5G applications in Shanghai, focusing on 10 key vertical industries, and creating 100 5G Innovative application enterprises, the goal of cultivating 1,000 5G innovative application projects.

(Released by Shanghai 5G Joint Innovation Center)

Industrial planning, network first

By focusing on infrastructure, application traction, and industrial agglomeration, Shanghai has made every effort to promote the “Dual Gigabit First City” brand. The Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attaches great importance to 5G network construction and innovative applications, and has successively issued implementation opinions on accelerating the construction and application of 5G networks in the city, Shanghai’s three-year action plan for the development and application of 5G industry innovation, and Shanghai’s action to promote new infrastructure construction The plan has been the first to achieve continuous 5G network coverage in key areas in the central city and suburban areas.

As of the end of July, Shanghai has built more than 25,000 5G outdoor base stations, and has built more than 31,000 5G indoor small base stations. It is expected that by the end of the year, there will be more than 30,000 5G outdoor base stations and more than 50,000 indoor small base stations. In key areas, the 5G coverage of the two major airports in Pudong and Hongqiao, as well as the underground station hall platforms of 297 subways, has been launched. It is planned to be completed before the third CIIE and will be completed by the end of Nanjing East Road, Xujiahui, and Lujiazui. Wait for the deep coverage of Shanghai’s ten major business districts.

Leverage regional advantages to provide an incubation platform for science and technology applications

With the further in-depth deployment of 5G network in Shanghai, exploring, exploring, popularizing and popularizing the application of 5G empowerment industry will become the key to exerting the core value of 5G network. Through the Shanghai 5G Joint Innovation Center, it will help enterprises to deepen integration with cutting-edge technologies and achieve organic synergy across the entire industry chain. Telecom operators, industry leaders, and industry chain companies work together to give full play to Shanghai’s advantages of complete industry categories, rich application scenarios, and high-end talent gathering, promote the construction of 5G ecosystem, and land the most cutting-edge 5G applications in Shanghai to help Shanghai’s industrial transformation and upgrading And high-quality economic development.

In terms of application promotion, Shanghai focuses on ten major areas, clarifies the “ten hundred thousand” goal, and drives the integrated development of the 5G industry chain, business chain, and innovation chain with industry demonstration applications. Promoted 292 5G application projects in ten areas such as smart manufacturing, smart medical care, and smart education, including COMAC, Commercial Development, Waigaoqiao Shipyard, China Tobacco Machinery, Autonomous Instrument Institute, Yangshan Port Smart Heavy Truck, and Huashan Hospital , Xuhui Middle School and other benchmark demonstration applications.

5G=5 “machines”, building a global 5G innovation capital

In terms of industrial scale, by the end of 2021, Shanghai’s 5G industry has achieved the goal of “three hundred billion yuan”, that is, the scale of 5G manufacturing, software and information service industries, and 5G application industries have reached 100 billion yuan.

5G drives the five major industrial upgrades: connectivity, cloud, AI, computing, and industry applications. The Shanghai 5G Joint Innovation Center will give full play to the regional comprehensive resource advantages, promote the digital, network, and smart construction of the 5G mobile communication technology service industry, and explore 5G scenarios Innovative applications land, promote the incubation of related technologies, promote the development of the industrial chain and the promotion of applications, and make Shanghai a world-renowned 5G industry development highland and a source of application innovation.

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