Maxim Integrated Announces Industry’s First ASIL-D Compliant Data Acquisition System for Voltage, Current, Temperature Sensing and Data Communication for Battery Management Systems

Beijing, China—February 4, 2021—Maxim Integrated Products, Inc (NASDAQ: MXIM) announces the MAX17852 14-channel, high-voltage, ASIL-D compliant data acquisition system to help automotive power management system (BMS) developers provide Voltage, current, temperature measurement and data communication with the highest safety level, and can greatly save space and reduce solution costs. Designed for system integration in electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and other transportation vehicles, this IC is ideal for smart junction boxes, 48V and other automotive battery systems capable of withstanding 400V and beyond.

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OEMs and EV manufacturers require battery systems to meet the highest safety levels set by the ISO26262 standard. With comprehensive diagnostic capabilities and a safety-driven architecture, the MAX17852 designed and manufactured by Maxim Integrated helps customers meet the highest ASIL-D safety system requirements for voltage, current, temperature measurement, and data communications. Small, high-efficiency IC designs provide the highest measurement accuracy, using rigorous time synchronization techniques to provide voltage, current, and temperature data. The device can measure battery voltage changes of ±0.45mV (typ) at room temperature; the maximum measurement error is ±2mV over the 5°C to 40°C temperature range, helping automakers achieve the maximum range their batteries can support . The device features a +/-300mV current-sense amplifier with a maximum gain setting of 256 times and a current-sense gain error of 0.3%; these features ensure that the MAX17852 provides the fastest, highest-accuracy data acquisition for computing power management, battery health, and state-of-charge. This 14-channel battery data acquisition system integrates the current detection amplifier, so that the current, voltage and temperature data can be collected simultaneously. The MAX17852 can use Hall sensors or current-sense resistors as sense elements.

main advantage

·Highest safety level: Meet the high safety level requirements of ASIL-D standard for voltage, current, temperature detection and data communication.

Highest accuracy: The current sense amplifier with the lowest gain error supports high-precision, time-synchronized current measurement, helping manufacturers improve car battery life.

Small size: Compared with discrete solutions, the highly integrated design reduces the size by 16%, effectively saving circuit board space.

· Lower cost: Integrated current sense amplifier saves 20% of the cost.

Versatility: The industry’s first integrated solution that supports multiple voltage, current and temperature measurement applications.


“In order to increase consumer confidence in the safety of electric vehicles, it is essential for BMS systems to meet the highest safety level (ASIL D),” said Tamer Kira, executive director of the Automotive Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. “The MAX17852 measures voltage, current and temperature. It can provide the fastest and highest precision indicators, and it is the first battery data management system in the industry that integrates all the main components of the BMS system and meets the highest safety level.”

Availability and Price

·The MAX17852 is priced at $7.52 (1000-units, FOB US), available through Maxim’s official website and through authorized dealers.

• An evaluation kit for the MAX17852EVKIT# is available for $250.

About Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated is an engineer-driven technology company that solves engineers’ toughest problems to drive design innovation. Maxim Integrated has a comprehensive line of high-performance semiconductor products, as well as industry-leading design tools and support, providing customers with basic analog solutions such as high-efficiency power supply, high-precision measurement, reliable interconnection, reliable protection, and intelligent processing. Maxim Integrated has earned the trust of engineers in applications such as automotive, communications, consumer, data center, healthcare, industrial, and IoT by helping engineers rapidly develop smaller, smarter, and safer designs. For more information, visit

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