Molex launches flex-to-board RF mmWave connector

Molex has launched its flex-to-board RF mmWave connector 5G25 series for 5G mmWave applications that require stringent signal integrity at higher frequencies up to 25 GHz. The micro connector is designed to help RF antenna module makers and mobile device designers optimize high-speed 5G components for performance while saving board space.

According to Molex’s recent The Future of Mobile Devices global survey, 82% of survey respondents believe consumers will see big benefits from 5G in their smartphones within five years or sooner. They also ranked ultra-fast 5G (e.g., mmWave) as the leading technology enabler to drive disruption in smart, consumer mobile device manufacturing.

Molex launches flex-to-board RF mmWave connector

Click for a larger image. (Source: Molex)

The 5G25 series supports high-speed data transmission in a compact footprint that also offers extra protection from harsh environmental conditions. The connectors feature a signal pitch of 0.35 mm, a mated body height of 0.6 mm, as well as a short body width of 2.5 mm and length of 3.6 mm.

In addition, the flex-to-board RF mmWave connector enables designers of RF antenna modules and mobile devices to combine RF and non-RF signals, which reduces the need for additional connectors, further saving board space as well as cost.

Other features include full electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, a center shield-in contact with receptable and plug that allows each row to be isolated for improved signal integrity and “best-in-class” far-field gain performance, a “click feeling” to prevent mismating, and a “robust” peel force to increase reliability and minimize the load on operators or automatic assembly machines.

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