NEC NL6448BC33-70

NEC NL6448BC33-70 NEC NL6448BC33-70 NEC NL6448BC33-70 NEC NL6448BC33-70 NEC NL6448BC33-70 NEC NL6448BC33-70 NEC NL6448BC33-70

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Panel Brand : NEC
Panel Model : NL6448BC33-70
Panel Type : a-Si TFT-LCD , Panel 
Panel Size : 10.4 inch
Resolution : 640(RGB)×480 , VGA 
Display Mode : TN, Normally White, Transmissive 
Active Area : 211.2×158.4 mm
Outline : 243×185.1×10.5 mm
Surface : Clear, Hard coating (3H) 
Brightness : 450 cd/m² (Typ.) 
Contrast Ratio : 900:1 (Typ.)  
Display Colors : 262K   (6-bit)
Response Time : 3/15 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) 
Viewing Angle : 80/80/80/80 (Typ.)(CR≥10) (L/R/U/D) 
Frequency : 60Hz  
Lamp Type : 3 strings WLED   
Signal Interface : CMOS (1 ch, 6-bit)  
Input voltage : 3.3/5.0V (Typ.) 
NEC NL6448BC33-70 New Stock is a kind of LDC display which contains display with a 640(RGB)×480 VGA resolution. Its respond time can reach 3/15 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) and also it can display 262K colors. 
1.Protective film:
There is a layer of protective film affixed to finished module’s surface , in order to avoid contamination of NEC LCD display surface in the assembly , please do not thrown off protective film so as not to dirty or damage the NL6448BC33-70 display surface.
2.Liner Installation 
There should be 0.1mm liner between the module and front panel. The panel should be kept even so as not to have the NL6448BC33-70 LCD display twisted as well as to improve seismic bearing capacity.
3.Prevent electrostatic
NL6448BC33-70 LCD display is susceptible to Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) damage. Therefore, observe Anti-Static precautions.
4.Operating precautions:
The NL6448BC33-70 display is dedicatedly designed, never do self-processing, finishing
Never twist and dismantle the metal frame
Do not modify the pcb board appearance, the fitting hole and other parts of NL6448BC33-70 display.
Not to modify the conductive strip
Do not change any inner parts
Pay attention to have the NL6448BC33-70 LCD display well protected.
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