New capacitors screw terminal series with high current capability and long life

TDK Corporation offers the EPCOS aluminium electrolytic capacitors B43706* and B43726* series with screw terminals. The new components are created for rated voltages between 400VDC and 500VDC and cover a capacitance range of 820µF to 15,000µF.

A distinct feature is the high-rated current ability of up to 56.1A AC (100Hz, 85C). In the case of standard operating conditions (for example, at 300Hz, 60C, 2m/s), currents of up to 100A can even be reached. These values indicate an approximately 25% increase in the current capability in rated conditions compared to the earlier series.

These robust capacitors are created for a service life of 12,000 hours at 85C. A precise service life calculation can be performed with the company’s online AlCap Tool. Like other EPCOS screw terminal series, various options such as heat sink mounting or special terminals are offered as reverse polarity protection.

The new capacitors are especially ideal for frequency converters and industrial power supplies as well as UPS systems. Moreover, the capacitors can be effectively utilised for converters in the renewable energies sector, such as wind power and photovoltaic systems.