New eBook helps engineers solve LiDAR design challenges

Mouser has released a new eBook in collaboration with Maxim Integrated, now part of Analog Devices, examining the advantages and challenges of LiDAR systems. In ‘7 Experts on LiDAR Design’, industry experts discuss some of the most promising opportunities and some complex issues when producing new LiDAR solutions.

LiDAR solutions can measure the ToF of objects up to 200m away with a precision of 1cm to 3cm, helping to maintain a growing number of use cases and applications, including ADAS and more. To offer near-instantaneous ToF measurements, LiDAR systems must sustain precise accuracy, high speed, and a wide field of vision.

The new eBook provides detailed insights into meeting these performance demands while together building lighter and smaller devices. The eBook unites designers directly to the solutions required for LiDAR innovation, offering information on products such as the MAX40025 and MAX40026 single comparators and the MAX40027 dual comparator. The high-speed comparators provide a typical propagation delay of 280ps and a low typical 25ps overdrive dispersion, ideal for ToF, distance-measurement applications.

Complementing the comparators in a LiDAR receiver signal chain are high-speed TIAs, such as the MAX40662. This quad TIA boasts high gain, low noise of only 2.1 pA/√Hz, wide 440MHz bandwidth, and fast recovery from overload.