New full silicon carbide MOSFET module solutions for charging EVs

ON Semiconductor announces a pair of 1200 V full SiC mosfet 2-PACK modules, further improving their range of products fit for the challenging EV market.

The new modules, based upon planar technology and ideal for a drive voltage in the range of 18-20V, are simple to drive with negative gate voltages. The larger die lessens thermal resistance compared to trench mosfets, thereby decreasing die temperature at the same operating temperature.

Configured as a 2-PACK half-bridge, the NXH010P120MNF is a 10mOhm device contained in an F1 package, while the NXH006P120MNF2 is a 6mOhm device in an F2 package. The packages feature press-fit pins making them excellent for industrial applications, and an embedded NTC thermistor facilitates temperature monitoring.

As part of the company’s EV charging ecosystem, the new SiC MOSFET modules have been created to operate alongside driver solutions such as the NCD5700x devices. The recently launched NCD57252 dual channel isolated IGBT/MOSFET gate driver provides 5kV of galvanic isolation and may be configured for dual low-side, dual high-side or half-bridge operation.

The NCD57252 is housed in a small SOIC-16 wide-body package and receives logic level inputs (3.3V, 5V and 15V). The high current device (source 4A/sink 6A at Miller plateau voltage) is ideal for high-speed operation as typical propagation delays are 60ns.

The recently-announced 650V SiC MOSFETs use a novel active cell design coupled with advanced thin wafer technology facilitating a best-in-class FoM for (RDS(on)*area). Devices in the series including the NVBG015N065SC1, NTBG015N065SC1, NVH4L015N065SC1 and NTH4L015N065SC offer the lowest RDS(on) in the market for D2PAK7L/TO247 packaged MOSFETs.

The 1200V and 900V N-channel SiC MOSFETs offer a small chip size that decreases device capacitance and gate charge (Qg – as low as 220nC), decreasing switching losses when running at the high frequencies demanded by EV chargers.