On-board inverter power analysis and selection considerations

Everyone knows the car, so do you know the car inverter? There are often some large and small traffic accidents in life, so we should know more about the car. Here we will reveal the appropriate power of the car inverter for you, and The answer to whether high power has an effect on the battery.

What is the appropriate power for the car inverter?

First of all, pay attention to the specifications, because the electrical equipment with different powers needs to use inverters of different specifications, so when choosing, you must first know which electrical appliances you use more. Otherwise, if you buy a 40W inverter, you find that a certain automotive electrical appliance needs a 100W power supply, and it becomes a problem to start. In addition, when purchasing a car inverter, it is necessary to confirm the various protection functions of the inverter, because the car power supply itself is unstable, and the inverter does not provide protection functions.

Generally speaking, vehicle inverters are divided into two types according to the waveform of the output current, one is a square wave converter and the other is a sine wave converter. Because the power supply of the square wave inverter is unstable, the quality of the output AC current is poor, and its load capacity is only 40-60% of the rated load, which may damage the electrical appliances used. Therefore, samasora recommends that you try to buy a pure sine wave inverter or a modified sine wave inverter. Modified sine wave inverter is also called quasi-sine wave vehicle inverter, because its waveform is close to sine wave, it can be used in mobile phones, notebook computers, televisions, cameras, CD players, various chargers, car refrigerators, Game consoles, DVD players, etc.

It should be noted that the prices of pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters are different. Pure sine wave inverters belong to high-end products, while modified sine wave inverters belong to low-end products. The modified sine wave inverter has high efficiency, low noise and moderate price, so it has become a mainstream product in the market. Finally, when purchasing a vehicle power inverter, we should also pay attention to the conversion efficiency. Like most Electronic products, vehicle inverters have conversion efficiency. Generally, the conversion efficiency of inverters commonly found in the market is between 70% and 80%.

Does the high power of the on-board inverter affect the battery?

In layman’s terms, a car inverter is an electronic device that can convert the 12V (24V for diesel cars) DC power in the car into the 220V/50Hz AC power commonly used in the home. With it, it can be used in the car. Electrical appliances that can only be used in the home, such as TVs, DVDs, refrigerators, notebook computers, printers, fax machines, game consoles, video cameras, digital cameras and other equipment or to charge their internal batteries, high-power inverters, can also drive Electric drills, electric water heaters, microwave ovens and other high-power electrical appliances, in European and American countries with developed transportation, on-board inverters have long become an essential tool for every car.

From the output waveform, the vehicle inverter can be divided into two types: sine wave output and square wave output. The former outputs the same sine wave alternating current as the power grid we use every day, which can adapt to various loads, but the circuit structure is more complicated and the volume is larger; the latter circuit is very simple, but it is picky about the load and cannot drive inductive loads.

Combining the advantages of the two, the currently available on-board inverters all adopt the scheme of outputting analog sine waves without exception. Compared with square waves, the use effect is improved. It can not only drive inductive loads, but also has small size and weight. It has the characteristics of light weight, high conversion efficiency, stable output voltage, strong reliability and perfect protection function. The above is the relevant knowledge of the car inverter, I hope it can help you.

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