ON Semi drivers for developing LED luminaires

ON Semi drivers for developing LED luminaires

By adding data intelligence and accurate positioning (up to 30 cm), these solutions will revolutionize lighting in a variety of spaces including supermarkets, warehouses, hospitals, and airports.

The NCL31000 from ON Semiconductor is part of an LED driver family and is designed specifically for luminaire applications. At the heart of the device is a highly energy efficient buck LED driver that supports both high-bandwidth analog dimming and PWM dimming down to zero current.

The driver includes an integrated 3V3 fixed DC-DC converter and a further adjustable DC-DC (2.5 – 24V), which can be used to power system components such as sensing devices and the microcontroller. Integrating these power solutions in the driver dramatically simplifies system design while boosting efficiency.

The linear dimming enables visible light communication (VLC), allowing for the development of indoor light-based positioning systems that can be safely implemented in many locations where RF-based solutions cannot be used (e.g., hazardous spaces such as mines, or RF sensitive areas such as in hospitals or on board aircrafts).

The ability to dim to true dark with an accuracy of 0.1% ensures that there is no ghost light at the lowest dim settings. Diagnostics further reduce system complexity by integrating a 10-bit analog to digital converter (ADC).

The ADC measures system voltages, currents and temperature to monitor LED and overall system efficiency, and detect any anomalies. A serial (I2C / SPI) interface makes all diagnostic data available to an external MCU that can monitor and control the intelligent lighting system. The architecture of the NCL31000 ensures excellent EMI performance – in tests it has been shown to be >14 dB below the requirements of CISPR15 / EN55015.

The  NCL31001 is a companion driver to the NCL31000. The addition of the NCL31001 creates a product that supports multi-string lighting applications, including those with color control. The NCL31001 offers the same features as the NCL31000 except for the DC-DC converters to avoid unnecessary duplication.