Royole’s new product release rhythm is disrupted, and it plans to release its second-generation folding phone next week

On March 18, Royole Technology CEO Liu Zihong revealed in the live program “The New Direction of China’s Manufacturing Industry after the Epidemic” that Royole’s latest folding screen mobile phone will be released on March 25 next week. cell phone.

Liu Zihong said that Royole originally planned to release the second-generation folding mobile phone Roupai 2 at MWC this year, but due to the cancellation of MWC due to the epidemic, the rhythm of new product releases was disrupted.

Therefore, Royole has rescheduled the release of the second-generation foldable mobile phone Roupai 2 to March 25.

It is reported that Flexo 2 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform and X55 baseband, enabling it to support dual-mode 5G networks of SA and NSA. The thickness of the body is 7.6 mm, which is thinner and lighter than Samsung Huawei’s folding screen, and the hinge and screen materials are improved. But compared to these, Xiaozhi is more concerned about whether the price of the second generation of Softpai can still maintain a high cost performance.

Previously, Liu Zihong once said that the folding screen mobile phone is a more powerful mobile smart terminal and a brand new species. Royole is very serious about making a folding screen phone, not showing a prototype to prove that it can do it. In October 2018, Rouyu released the world’s first folding screen mobile phone, Roupai. However, Rouyu has never disclosed the sales volume of the Flexi folding screen mobile phone.

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