Sonos and Lumi Lianchuang reached a strategic cooperation to create a new smart home listening experience

Recently, Sonos, the world’s leading home smart audio brand, and Shenzhen Lvmi Lianchuang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lvmi Lianchuang”) reached an in-depth strategic cooperation. Through the strong combination of the two parties in the field of home smart audio, the Sonos smart audio system is connected to the smart home system control center of Aqara, a brand under Lvmi Lianchuang, to bring high-quality smart listening experience to the majority of smart home users. At the same time, Sonos home audio products will also be stationed in the offline “Aqara Home Smart Home Experience Hall” of Lumi Lianchuang. It is understood that Aqara currently has 500 service providers and 400 smart home experience halls covering most cities across the country, and it will expand to 1,000 in the future. Consumers can go to the store to experience and experience a more interesting and high-quality smart lifestyle brought about by a more “smart” home.


Sonos and Lumi Lianchuang reached a strategic cooperation to create a new smart home listening experience

Sonos’ brand vision of “Let every family be filled with music” perfectly fits with the vision of “Let thousands of households enjoy a smart life” created by Lumi. Based on the cooperation between the two parties, users can use the Aqara smart home system for unified intelligent management of Sonos smart audio products, so that they can be integrated into a diversified smart life scene, and can be voiced in every corner of the home. With the control method, you can enjoy the high-quality sound effects and free playback experience brought by Sonos at any time. At the same time, Lumi Lianchuang can also promote the upgrade of Aqara’s smart home experience by providing users with a richer product and scene experience. It is understood that the technical docking of Sonos and Aqara’s whole-house smart system is in full progress. In the near future, the two parties will provide users with a richer smart home experience through in-depth cooperation in more technologies and markets.


Sonos and Lumi Lianchuang reached a strategic cooperation to create a new smart home listening experience

As the world’s leading smart audio system brand, Sonos is not only known for its extraordinary sound quality, it has created a “multi-room sound system”, “massive streaming music services, broadcast and audiobook content integration”, “APP one-key easy control”, Experiences such as “TruePlay Smart Tuning Technology” have created a new way of listening in the Internet era, and has always been a leader in the industry. Sonos has always adhered to the “Listen better, Live better” brand concept. While delivering a new lifestyle of healthier, happier and higher quality to consumers, it has also been supported by many music lovers around the world.


Sonos and Lumi Lianchuang reached a strategic cooperation to create a new smart home listening experience

In addition, Sonos is actively expanding the partner ecosystem. This strong alliance with Aqara is an important attempt by both parties to provide users with a more intelligent and comprehensive smart home experience. Sonos seamlessly connects to the Aqara smart home system, making every room in the home full of perfect sound, whether in the room or the living room, users can use Sonos home theater products, so that every moment of life is surrounded by wonderful sounds , From now on start a beautiful smart life.

At the same time, as a leader in the field of smart home and the Internet of Things, Lumi Lianchuang has continuously launched a series of Aqara smart home products based on the concept of “whole house intelligence”: including temperature, humidity, smoke and other various sensors, as well as smart Various smart controllers such as switches, sockets, and door locks are interconnected with many smart home platforms such as Homekit, MIoT, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc., which greatly facilitates users’ choices. The combination of Aqara and Sonos smart audio system can undoubtedly further expand the “whole house smart” ecology built by LvMi, thereby creating a richer smart life scene, allowing consumers to experience more through voice and other smart control methods. Wisdom and technological family life makes smart home more accessible.


Music is self-evident for the importance of people’s life happiness index. With the continuous improvement of people’s pursuit of quality of life and the promotion of the development of smart homes by AIoT technology, the home music listening experience is also developing in a more intelligent direction. This time, Sonos and Lumi Lianchuang reached an in-depth strategic cooperation relationship, which can fully meet people’s demands for high-quality smart home life in the smart era.

In the future, Sonos and Lumi Lianchuang will continue to deepen their cooperation. Based on the complementary advantages of both parties and the integration of concepts in smart home and home sound systems, they will continue to explore and promote the innovation of smart music experience throughout the house to benefit every family. , Every user, every life scene.

About Sonos

Sonos (NASDAQ: SONO) is the world’s leading audio experience brand. As the pioneer of multi-room wireless home audio, Sonos’ innovative technology allows people to access their favorite content and freely control its playback mode, creating a higher-quality listening experience for users all over the world. Sonos is known for providing excellent sound experience, meticulous design aesthetics, easy-to-use products and open platform, so that everyone can get rich audio content. Sonos is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.

About Lumi Lianchuang

As a leading provider of smart home and Internet of Things solutions, Lumilian Creation is committed to building a smart life service platform with smart devices, big data and value-added services as the core, allowing users to enjoy wisdom, technology, quality and a comfortable life. In 2016, Lvmi Lianchuang launched the brand Aqara with the concept of “whole house intelligence”. Through smart home product technology and service provider model, everyone can afford smart home. Its products include dozens of products such as sensors, various smart controllers, and smart door locks, and support mainstream smart home platforms in the industry. At the same time, Lumi Lianchuang took the lead in establishing the Aqara smart home 4S service system in the industry, and has 500 service providers and 400 smart home experience halls. In the future, the number of Aqara experience halls will exceed 1,000, covering more cities and users.

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