Sparkling Q1 at ASML

Sparkling Q1 at ASML

Q1 bookings were  €4.7 billion including $2.3 billion for EUV bookings.

The company expects Q2 2021 sales between €4 billion and €4.1 billion and a gross margin around 49%

“The primary driver for higher revenue and gross margin was the increased Installed Base business,” says CEO Peter Wennink (pictured), “due to the current high-demand environment, customers are utilising software upgrades to increase capacity as quickly as possible. Compared to three months ago, we are seeing a significant increase in demand across all market segments and our product portfolio.”

“The build-up of the digital infrastructure with secular growth drivers such as 5G, AI and High- Performance Computing solutions fuels demand for advanced and mature nodes in Logic as well as Memory,” adds Wennink, “we now expect revenue growth towards 30% in 2021 compared to last year.” 

Wennink noted the Q1 business highlights:

 “In our EUV business, we improved transmission of the pellicle to 90%, supporting higher output in high-volume manufacturing of our customers.”

“In our DUV business, we achieved over 300 wafers per hour at ASML on a TWINSCAN NXT:1470. This is almost a 50% improvement versus the previous model (XT:1460).”

“We completed the 100th DUV SNEP (System Node Extension Package) upgrade at a customer. The SNEP product offers customers a low-cost solution elevating system performance to align with our more advanced technologies, thereby extending the lifetime of the system.”

“We achieved the milestone of the 1000th shipment of a TWINSCAN KrF system.”

“In our Applications business, as demand for scanners continues to increase in both EUV and DUV, we expect demand for scanner control applications to grow in 2021 as well. The newly released YieldStar 385 is beginning to ramp up across our customer base.”