State Grid is actively promoting the construction of strong smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of Things in Xiong’an New Area

At the beginning of 2019, State Grid Corporation of China proposed the goal of integrating the development of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things and strong smart grids, and creating a world-class energy Internet enterprise with the characteristics of hub, platform and sharing. Building the ubiquitous power Internet of Things to empower the power grid is an important way for the power grid to leapfrog and upgrade. Since the beginning of this year, State Grid Corporation of China has further promoted the construction of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things, and has done a lot of solid and effective work, which has been widely recognized by all sectors of society and domestic and foreign counterparts, and has achieved phased progress and good results. From this issue, this newspaper has launched a series of reports on “Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things Construction Achievements”, showing the achievements of the company’s system units in promoting the construction of the Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things. Please pay attention.

Baiyangdian Lake in October, the sky is high and the clouds are light.

Since the CPC Central Committee and the State Council decided to establish a national-level new area in 2017, the Xiongan New Area, known as the “Millennium Plan” and “National Event”, has grown vigorously. The establishment of Xiongan New Area is of great practical significance and far-reaching significance for centralizing the alleviation of Beijing’s non-capital functions, exploring new models of optimal development in densely populated areas, adjusting and optimizing the urban layout and spatial structure of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and fostering new engines for innovation-driven development. historical significance. Among them, facing the new trend of future energy development, creating a smart, convenient and efficient energy network is very important for Xiong’an. For more than two years, State Grid Corporation of China has been actively serving the construction of Xiongan New Area, coordinating and promoting the construction of a strong smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of Things, providing strong support for the green and smart development of this “city of the future”.


Wisdom: control every element from energy production to the end of consumption

In late autumn, the colorful leaves make the Xiong’an Citizen Service Center very beautiful. This smart, green and growable park is the first large-scale urban construction project constructed after the establishment of Xiongan New Area. Whether in the process of construction or after it is put into use, the Xiong’an Citizen Service Center has explored and formed an innovative “experimental field” for domestic architecture and a “model demonstration area” for future cities.

Walking in the Xiong’an Citizen Service Center, you can feel the epitome of “smart city” everywhere. Among them, Jingdong unmanned supermarkets, Baidu unmanned cars, and permeable grass-planting bricks have electricity as the basic support and also have the genes of “smart”.

In this park with a total construction area of ​​99,600 square meters, Xiong’an New District Power Supply Company has deployed 51 ground source heat pumps, 2 energy stations, and more than 200 charging piles in the park to provide comprehensive energy services for the park. Among them, the ground source heat pump, cold and heat energy storage and the reuse of waste water temperature are used to supply cooling and heating in the park, and realize the green and circular use of energy in the park.

Faced with a park-level comprehensive energy project of nearly 100,000 square meters, how to coordinate electricity, heat, cooling, water and other energy sources to ensure the safety and stability of building energy supply and charging pile operation? The Xiong’an New District Power Supply Company comprehensively applied the key technologies of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things, and developed the Urban Smart Energy Management and Control System (CIEMS). This system automatically controls all energy systems through more than 2,400 energy information collection points set up in the park to achieve horizontal “water, electricity, gas, heat, and cold” multi-energy complementary control, and vertical “source-network-load”. – storage – people” efficient coordination. “This system applies advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and multi-energy flow management to realize the whole process management application of energy production, transmission, consumption, management and control. , comprehensive supply and monitoring of energy such as cold, heat and hot water, intelligent regulation, demand response, energy efficiency analysis and other comprehensive services.” explained She Jiaju, a researcher of urban smart energy management and control system.

Hu Zhiwei, director of Guodian Office in Xiongan New Area, made an image metaphor: “In layman’s terms, CIEMS is like the ‘smart brain’ of the park. Comprehensive monitoring, intelligent regulation, analysis and decision-making, and intelligent operation and maintenance of power distribution systems, energy stations and buildings in the park are carried out. Every element from energy production to consumption end can be managed and controlled by CIEMS.”

In addition, the CIEMS system is also the “energy guardian” of the park. Once the energy system of the park fails, it can not only assist the equipment operation and maintenance personnel to automatically identify the failure, analyze the cause of the failure, analyze the impact of the failure, and automatically give suggestions for troubleshooting, but also make reasonable resource allocation for personnel, materials and vehicles. Realize smart dispatch.

The reporter learned that, after being put into use, CIEMS can save 10% of the operating cost of the park every year through the intelligent comprehensive management of the internal energy of the park.

In addition, Xiong’an New District Power Supply Company aims to build the country’s first “Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things Comprehensive Application Demonstration City”, accelerates the research and development of urban smart energy management systems, fully promotes the research and deployment of CIEMS family projects, and builds a park suitable for industrial parks. , campuses, hospitals, urban complexes and other multi-scenario smart energy management and control platforms, providing “tailor-made” energy management solutions for different customers.

On September 12 this year, the first three-star green building standard middle school project in Hebei Province and the first permanent housing construction project in Xiong’an New Area – Xiongxian No. 3 Senior High School in Xiong’an New Area was officially completed and put into use. A freshman is officially admitted. At the same time, the first campus-level CIEMS system was successfully put into operation in Xiongxian No. 3 Senior High School. On the large screen of the school’s monitoring room, the reporter saw that compared with the CIMES system of the Citizen Service Center, the interface of the campus smart energy management system is simpler and clearer. Through the analysis of energy consumption, it guides customers to use energy intelligently and save energy. The Xiongan New Area Power Supply Company has also worked with Baidu, Huawei and other companies to compile the modules of “Smart Education” and “Comfortable Campus”, which can create a safe and comfortable campus environment for students through the detection of temperature, humidity, air quality and other data. The relevant person in charge of the school property said: “This system makes a lot of data clear at a glance, which facilitates our management. Especially the rapid positioning function of the alarm, where problems can be found in the fastest time, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and also allows the entire campus. safer.”

In response to the development requirements of Xiong’an digital city, in the future, the CIEMS system will be integrated into the Xiong’an Smart City System (CIM), giving full play to the characteristics of hub, platform and sharing, and playing a greater role in the city’s smart and green energy use.

CIEMS system is a microcosm of State Grid serving the development of Xiongan New Area and building a world-class green smart grid. Concentrating efforts, with the most advanced concepts, the highest standards, and the most safe and environmentally friendly technologies, scientifically plan the construction of the power grid in Xiongan New Area, leading the world in power supply reliability, intelligence, and electrification, making Xiongan Power Grid a world-class green and smart city The power grid is the development goal of the future power grid in Xiongan New Area. Building a highly electrified new energy system, creating a beautiful ecological environment, and the ubiquitous power Internet of Things will make Xiongan smarter, greener, and more livable.

The Internet of Things: Centralized integration of all information on power grid engineering construction

At the beginning of this year, the “State Council’s Reply on the Overall Plan of Hebei Xiongan New Area (2018-2035)” and the “Guiding Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Supporting the Comprehensive Deepening of Reform and Expanding Opening of Hebei Xiongan New Area” were successively announced. This marks that the planning blueprint of Xiongan New Area has been drawn, and this “city of the future” will move from the top-level design stage to the substantive construction stage.

Urban construction, electricity first. With the continuous maturity of various standards and technologies, the construction of Xiong’an Power Grid will also be accelerated in an all-round way. On August 20, the Xiong’an New District Electric Power Planning and Design Service Center settled in the Xiong’an Design Center, which not only marks the official establishment of the Xiong’an New District Electric Power Planning and Design Service Center, but also means that the Xiong’an Power Grid has shifted from planning to full-scale construction.

Xiong’an New District Electric Power Planning and Design Service Center is a power planning and design platform jointly built by Xiong’an New District Power Supply Company, State Grid Beijing Economic Research Institute, China Power Construction Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute, and China Power Construction Hebei Electric Power Design Institute. The superior resources of the unit will create a “central kitchen” for the planning and design of the power grid in the Xiongan New Area. “Xiongan New Area Electric Power Planning and Design Service Center will closely follow the development and construction sequence of the new area, strengthen work connection with the resident units of Xiongan Design Center, deepen business exchanges, gather more and better power planning and design resources, and fully serve the world of Xiongan New Area. First-class urban power grid planning and design, and provide auxiliary support for the urban planning and design of the new area, and contribute to the construction of a green and smart new city with high power supply reliability, high electrification, and high intelligence in the Xiongan New Area.” Xiongan New Area Power Supply Company Deputy Chief Engineer and Planning Zhao Shujun, director of the center, said.

Facing the arduous task of building a green and smart new city, in order to ensure the safety, quality and progress during the intensive construction period, the Xiong’an New District Power Supply Company has developed the Xiong’an Power Grid Digital Engineering Management Platform (EIM) on the basis of the Building Information Model (BIM). And supporting the construction of the Xiong’an Power Grid Engineering Construction Command Center.

In order to promote the implementation of scientific research results as soon as possible and provide practical experience for the subsequent large-scale construction of Xiongan Power Grid, the digital engineering management platform of Xiongan Power Grid has been applied in the 110 kV substation in Zhuhe, Zhengding, Hebei.

Han Yang, head of the working group of the Xiong’an Power Grid Engineering Construction Command Center, showed reporters one by one the 10 functions of the EIM platform, including safety management, quality management, progress management, material management, and smart construction sites. Han Yang told reporters that at the construction site, construction workers will wear safety helmets with video recording function and enter the site through the face recognition gate. The cameras on the construction site will collect on-site construction conditions without any dead ends throughout the day, and give real-time sound and light alarms to the irregular behavior of personnel; the meteorological sensing device is associated with the on-site dust suppression sprinkler system and fog cannon locomotives. Once the air quality index exceeds the standard, it will be automatically turned on Intelligent dust suppression…On the EIM platform, 16 terminal collection devices are integrated, and all engineering construction information such as personnel information, construction environment, construction equipment, and overall progress are ubiquitously accessed, and the state of interconnection of all things and human-computer interaction is realized. Full perception has become a reality.

The reporter saw in the dynamic picture on the big screen that the 110 kV substation project of Zhuhe Station in Zhengding, Hebei has achieved the “first virtual and then real, and the virtual is confirmed” through the whole process of 3D visual design, which reduces the deviation of the construction process and improves the efficiency of the construction process. These changes will eventually drive the transformation of grid equipment from physical asset management to digital asset management.

The changes brought about by digitization are not only the quality of projects but also the speed of project construction. Han Yang told reporters that the construction period of the 110 kV substation in the past was generally 10 to 13 months, while the construction time of the Zhengding Zhuhe 110 kV substation will be completed in about 110 days. “The location of each electrical component and where the construction personnel are working can be seen at a glance, which greatly guarantees the quality of project construction and improves the efficiency of project management.”

At present, the new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects of all voltage levels of 110 kV and above in the Xiongan New Area will all apply the digital engineering management platform of Xiongan Power Grid, and improve and perfect on the basis of learning from the construction experience of Zhengding Zhuhe 110 kV substation.

Not only can it manage and control the power grid project intelligently, but in the future construction of the Xiongan smart city system, the EIM platform will be interconnected with the Xiongan smart city system. It is the first time in China to explore the construction, integration, and application of the smart city system and the power grid, and realize the current power grid. , The “three-in-one” of the power grid under construction and the planning power grid.

Sharing: Innovation and cooperation to expand the “circle of friends” of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things

In the two years since it entered the new area, why did the Xiong’an New District Power Supply Company start from scratch with 15 people at first, and now the grid planning, energy services, scientific and technological innovation and other work have achieved initial results, and it has become the leader of the ubiquitous power Internet of things in Hebei. “Xiongan Model”?

As the youngest power supply company, Xiong’an New District Power Supply Company adheres to the mentality of openness and cooperation, and constantly expands the “circle of friends”. In order to thoroughly implement State Grid Corporation’s “three-type” enterprise development deployment, since its establishment, Xiong’an New District Power Supply Company has continuously strengthened exchanges and cooperation with State Grid’s “three major institutes”, assisted 8 industrial units to land in the new area, and formed a new service area Development of joint work teams.

Not only that, the Xiong’an New Area Power Supply Company has also extended its tentacles to the outside world, and successively cooperated with Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Chongqing University and other institutions of higher learning, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Huawei, Gree Electric, China Communications Construction, China Energy Conservation, Xiongan Group and other well-known enterprises, a total of more than 40 units have established efficient cooperation mechanisms; and jointly launched the establishment of “Xiongan City Generation and Development Research Institute”, “APOLLO Xiongan Intelligent Transportation Research Institute” and “Xiongan Energy Internet Application Industry” in conjunction with relevant units. Platform organizations such as “Technology Innovation Alliance” and “Xiongan Rest assured Apartment Alliance” have initially formed a new work pattern of “two institutes, two alliances, one workshop and one laboratory”, and initially established an innovation ecosystem integrating development, production and application. At the same time, Xiong’an New District Power Supply Company focused on green transportation, smart home, intelligent interconnection and other fields to build a small and micro business incubation platform, and explored the establishment of a life-aggregating enterprise symbiotic development model, creating a central enterprise leading private enterprises, lush green under the tree, and jointly serving the construction of the new district business development environment.

It is understood that since entering the new area, Xiong’an New District Power Supply Company has accumulated more than 1,000 external research visits, received more than 500 research visits, and nearly 5,000 internal and external visits and exchanges.

A lean and efficient organizational structure, an open and cooperative working atmosphere, and high-frequency and high-density docking and exchanges have brought about the emergence of innovative achievements. Among them, demonstration projects such as “Green Energy Magic Box” DC House, DC Smart Street Lights and Low-Voltage DC Classrooms have achieved a series of research results in key low-voltage DC technologies, filling many technical gaps in the domestic low-voltage DC field. Zhang Longhai, deputy director of the power supply management center of Xiong’an Power Supply Company, said: “With the advancement of technology, especially the development of clean energy, it is more convenient and safer to use low-voltage DC systems. Therefore, low-voltage DC systems are more in line with the trend.”

In the yard of the power supply company in Xiong’an New District, in front of the office building facing the gate, there is a wall of enterprise cooperation with the names of 60 units written on it. On the gray pedestal of the enterprise cooperation wall is written “Everything in the past is a prologue, let us bloom in the shining days”. The open and innovative corporate culture inspires young people here to dream and keep walking. In the future, a number of innovative projects relying on the ubiquitous power Internet of Things will be launched in Xiongan one after another, integrating the intelligence of the State Grid into the intelligent development of the new district and providing State Grid solutions.

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