“Suggestions of the Two Sessions” Kuang Guangli of Anhui University: Taking advanced materials and technologies of integrated circuits as the main direction for the construction of first-class disciplines in Anhui University

According to Anhui.com, at this year’s National People’s Congress, Kuang Guangli, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and president of Anhui University, said that it is necessary to promote the construction of high-level universities in a classified manner, build a high-quality higher education system, and support the construction of places where conditions permit. A basic subject research center with a scientific device as the core.

“Take advanced materials and technologies of integrated circuits as the main direction of the construction of first-class disciplines in Anhui University, and build a world-class material science research platform.”

Kuang Guangli suggested that the construction of large scientific installations should proceed from the actual needs of basic scientific research. It must be clear in which frontiers breakthroughs are to be sought and what conditions are required to achieve these breakthroughs. It is necessary to further release large scientific devices to serve basic discipline research. Support qualified places to build basic discipline research centers with large scientific installations as the core, and create a number of highly open and international “special zones” for basic research and development.

It is reported that Anhui University aims at the key development and innovation fields of Anhui Province, deeply integrates into the construction of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center, focuses on the cultivation of national key laboratories and “research on advanced materials and technology of integrated circuits” and other “stuck neck” technologies, and introduces disciplines on a large scale. Leading talents and young top-notch talents to form a high-level innovation team.

“I hope Anhui’s science and technology will develop better, and it can catch up with or even surpass the world’s best level, especially in some areas through efforts to achieve ‘overtaking on a curve’.” Kuang Guangli said, “Currently integrated circuit technology, as a new material and a new technology Technology, very valuable, can bring about huge changes in the entire industry, and the benefits are also huge.”

Kuang Guangli said, “Anhui University has chosen integrated circuit materials and technology as its main direction to build a world-class research platform for materials science. Cultivate talents on the best integrated circuit technology research platform, and use these disciplines to carry out technological exploration. The development of the electronics industry provides new technologies and delivers outstanding talents.”