Teach you how to maintain the zinc alloy die-cast smart lock? Measuring Cubic Metal

Teach you how to maintain the zinc alloy die-cast smart lock Measuring Cubic Metal

Zinc alloy die-casting smart lock, as we all know, the biggest feature is safety and convenience! There is no need to bring a key when you go out. Because your finger is the key, more and more people use zinc alloy die-cast smart locks. However, improper methods or improper maintenance of the zinc alloy die-cast smart lock will greatly shorten its service life. Then in daily life, how should we maintain the zinc alloy die-cast smart lock?

1 When collecting fingerprints, the finger strength should be moderate, and do not use your “powerful diamond finger” when it is unable to collect. At this point, your fingerprints may be too dry. Try to breathe on your fingers to make them moisturized. (I heard that you can touch your forehead, there is magical “magic” there.)https://www.shalashala.cn/

2 The fingerprint collection window will have dirt on the surface after a long time of use, which may affect normal use. At this time, it can be wiped with a soft cloth.

3 The zinc alloy die-cast smart lock Panel must not be in contact with corrosive substances, otherwise the surface coating will be damaged, then your zinc alloy die-cast smart lock may be “broken”

4 Is it convenient to hang objects on the handle? But it’s too random, because the handle is the key part of opening and closing the door lock, its flexibility directly affects the use of the zinc alloy die-cast smart lock. (Don’t think it’s okay to hang up once in a while, bear kids are super imitating)https://www.5axismachining.cn/

5 LCD screen, please do not apply pressure, or knock.

6 Do not bump or knock the shell with hard objects to prevent damage to the surface coating or indirectly affect the internal electronic parts of the zinc alloy die-cast smart lock. (Well on this point, you should take good care of those bear kids again)

7 Do not use substances containing alcohol, gasoline, thinner or other flammable substances to clean or maintain the lock.

8. For zinc alloy die-cast smart locks with sliding lids, please do not pull the sliding lids outside, and use moderate force when opening and closing the sliding lids.

9 Waterproof protection. Zinc alloy die-cast smart locks are electronic products. Although some manufacturers have made waterproof protection, please try to avoid contact with water or other liquids, or immerse them in water or other liquids. If the shell comes into contact with liquid or salt spray, please wipe it dry with a soft, absorbent cloth.https://www.zhaotube.com/

10. Please use high-quality 5# alkaline batteries. Once you find that the battery is low, please replace the batteries in time. It is recommended to replace four or eight batteries at the same time, which can also avoid the trouble of using an external battery to unlock. If you go out for a long time, remember to replace the battery with a new one to prevent the battery from being damaged and the battery fluid from corroding the internal circuit!

11 If the zinc alloy die-cast smart lock has been used for more than half a year, please open the battery cover to check the battery to prevent the battery electro-hydraulic from invading the zinc alloy die-cast smart lock circuit board (especially during the rainy season, the humid air will affect any home appliances. Hidden dangers, please check and maintain them in time, and use your home appliances correctly), if the battery is oxidized, please replace it with a new good quality battery!https://www.zhaovideo.cn/

12 Zinc alloy die-cast smart lock with spare key, remember to put the key in the car or the office away from home, so that it is urgently needed.

13 When entering a fingerprint, it is recommended to write down the code, so as not to remember the code when you need to delete a fingerprint, and to avoid emptying the zinc alloy die-cast smart lock.

14 The most basic door opening methods for smart locks are fingerprint opening and password opening. Although most people will choose the most convenient fingerprint to open the door, it is recommended to set several sets of passwords at the same time to prevent the fingerprint from breaking, and the password can be used to open the door in an emergency. If you are visiting or urgent, you can tell the password to open the door in an emergency, and then delete the password afterwards.https://www.chinacncmachining.cn/

15 Do not disassemble and disassemble without permission. Zinc alloy die-casting smart locks basically have built-in sophisticated electronic components. When disassembled by non-professionals, internal accessories may be damaged or other serious consequences may be caused. If you suspect that there is a problem with the zinc alloy die-cast smart lock, it is best to consult a professional or directly contact the seller for on-site repair.