The key factors affecting the processing of precision die-casting molds

The key factors affecting the processing of precision die-casting molds

In the current die-casting industry, with market competition and industry development, most of them are divided into several types of die-casting manufacturers. They are: professional precision die-casting mold processing; zinc alloy and aluminum alloy die-casting molding; die-casting mold and molding as a whole; mold, die-casting, and surface treatment one-stop service. So what are the key factors that affect the processing of precision die-casting molds? Today, the editor of Quanfang Die-casting Mould Factory will give you a detailed analysis.

First of all, precision die-casting mold processing is divided into mold core processing, mold blank processing, mold insert processing, mold slider processing, mold core polishing processing, etc., which are all divided into the category of die-casting mold processing, which affects precision die-casting mold processing What are the key factors? As the measuring cube metal of Dongguan Precision Die Casting Mould Factory, I will do a detailed analysis for you, and hope it will be helpful to you.


Factor 1: The selection of die core material is very important. Choosing high-quality die steel will definitely provide a strong guarantee for the smooth mass production and the accuracy of die-casting parts. Of course, this will also directly affect the service life of die-casting molds, so material selection is critical. , Generally recommend imported 8407# die steel, which has excellent surface in all aspects and is suitable for all kinds of precision die-casting molds.


Factor two: the accuracy of die-casting mold processing equipment, and the accuracy of molds made by different processing equipment are different. At present, the mainstream is German, Japanese, Taiwanese, and localized mold processing equipment, of which the best It belongs to the German equipment, with high accuracy and long service life. Although the price is more expensive, the products made are indeed different.


Factor 3: Die-casting mold master’s experience, this is also a more important link, the same designed mold, the same processing equipment, but the effect of different mold masters is not the same, despite the current development of industrial intelligence However, this manual process of mold making can never be replaced.


Factor 4: An excellent and feasible precision die-casting mold design plan. This is equivalent to a mold making map. It is very important. an excellent design plan, processing equipment and mold masters cannot completely produce a set of precision die-casting molds, so If you want a good mold and a good product, you must have an excellent design plan, and an excellent design plan must have a mold designer with sufficient experience.

In summary, the key factors affecting the processing of precision die-casting molds are divided into the above points. Of course, there are still many places that have not been analyzed for everyone. After the editor has sorted it out, I will share with you.