The monthly increase is more than 1%. What is the reason for the rise in the price of niche DRAM small-capacity particles in November?

According to the semiconductor Research Office of TrendForce, after the price of mainstream specialty DRAM returned to a flat trend in October, the price of mainstream specialty DRAM remained flat in November. When only a few suppliers can provide, the price has risen early, and DDR3 4Gb is still the largest application. However, DDR3 2Gb led by Taiwanese manufacturers was affected by the reduction of supply from the two major Korean manufacturers, and its average and high price rose 1% month-on-month.

TrendForce said that in the field of specialty DRAM, small and medium-sized customers or those with high demand for small-capacity chips will be the first to face price increases.

First of all, as mentioned above, DDR3 has become the mainstay of Taiwanese manufacturers Winbond, ESMT, and Etron when the two Korean manufacturers, SK Hynix and Samsung, gradually reduce their supply. main market,The shrinking of supply is one of the elements of price increases.

Secondly, the demand for Specialty DRAM terminal applications is gradually recovering. Benefiting from the new normal of remote office and teaching, the demand for digital TV and set-top boxes has not decreased but increased. In addition, the implementation of 5G infrastructure has also driven strong demand for Netcom products such as Wi-Fi, Router, and Modem. Many of the above applications only require a single small-capacity DRAM product.Therefore, rising demand is the second element of price increases.

Third, due to the small amount of purchases made by small and medium-sized customers, they do not have an advantage in pricing. In addition, most of them adopt short-term negotiation ranges such as monthly contracts, which are more likely to face price changes, so they are positioned at average and high prices. ‘s usually rise first, and their low prices remain roughly flat, unlike large customers who take quarterly contracts and have a bargaining advantage.

Finally, the reason for only small capacity rather than overall growth is that the demand for mainstream server DRAM is still weak, and server DRAM modules are still mainly composed of DDR4 8Gb chips, which also suppresses the use of DDR4 8Gb as the bulk PC side and the specialty DRAM field. Price performance of medium DDR4 8Gb chips.

On the whole, this DRAM rebound is different from the previous one, which was driven by commodity DRAM. On the contrary, there is a special situation in which the price of niche memory with small capacity and small customers is the first to rise.

TrendForce expects that this phenomenon will continue at least until the first quarter of 2021, when the mainstream cloud customers’ pull-in force will increase, which will drive the price of mainstream chips in the specialty DRAM field to rise together.

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