Tianmei Automobile entered the new energy market and adopted through-type headlights in the appearance of the new car

A few days ago, the new brand Tianmei Automobile announced its official entry into the new energy passenger vehicle market. According to the manufacturer’s introduction, Tianmei evolved from “Skywell”, and the brand slogan “Skywell: All is Well” is a company that hopes to bring technology, A safe and comfortable way to travel. It is reported that the brand’s first model will be a pure electric SUV model.


While releasing the brand, Tianmei also showed its first strategic model, which is an SUV product. The appearance of the new car adopts through-type headlights, and the closed grille design is also in line with the design trend of pure electric models. Information on the performance parameters of the new car has not yet been officially announced.

Tianmei Automobile officially stated that the W-shaped shape used in the brand logo means that it is based on Tianmei and is vivid and easy to identify; while the shield-shaped logo means to adhere to quality and protect safety; the start button means one-key start, which will trigger immediately; the motor rotor , which means strong current, extremely fast drive; permanent magnet, means electric awakening, full of power.

The founder of Tianmei Automobile is Huang Hongsheng, the founder of Skyworth, the chairman of the original dimension group and the board of directors of Skyworth Holdings. In 2011, Huang Hongsheng established Kaiwo Automobile Group, mainly Nanjing Jinlong, and began to lay out the new energy vehicle market. As early as 2017, Kaiwo Automobile obtained the passenger vehicle access qualification approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and conducted the acceptance of the new energy access qualification in December of the same year. At the media communication meeting in early 2018, Kaiwo Automobile announced that it would enter the new energy passenger vehicle market in 2018, but this plan may have been delayed due to factors such as the decline of subsidies.

Since July this year, with the adjustment of the subsidy policy, the sales of new energy vehicles have been declining for five consecutive months, and it is obviously not the best time to choose to enter the market at this time. However, Tianmei Automobile expressed optimism about this, “The new energy vehicle market has entered the post-subsidy era, and the competition has become increasingly fierce. Choosing to enter the market at this time is a manifestation of the company’s self-confidence.”

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