Toshiba MG360V1US41

Toshiba MG360V1US41 Toshiba MG360V1US41

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MG360V1US41 Description

MG360V1US41 IGBT Power Transistor Module has a 360 Ampere collector current and its collector emitter has a powerful voltage of 1700 Volts. Plus, it weighs only 500 grams. This device is made by Toshiba, a known brand in technology, thus ensuring you quality and innovative features. Since it uses the IGBT or insulated-gate bipolar Transistor technology, it is designed to turn from full-on to a full-off instantly. Also since it works in high speed, it minimizes wasted energy making it cost-effective.

High power impedance, high speed and enhanced mode – these are the amazing benefits you’ll get from MG360V1US41.

MG360V1US41  1.30 lbs


MG360V1US41 could be used in High Power Switching / Motor Control Applications


N Channel IGBT (High Power Switching / Motor Control Applications)
1IGBT: 360A1700V