Touch sensors and smart control panels with superior haptic perception

General Silicones has shared its Compo-SiL technology to successfully enable COCHIEF to produce new and innovative solutions for interfaces needing touch sensor controls.

The patented Compo-SiL technology provides COCHIEF many advantages that previously employed materials for its touch sensors could not deliver. General Silicones can alter the surface properties of silicone rubber. The material provides a soft touch and feel, can give different friction levels, and embossments may mimic surface patterns of other materials such as leather. Coupled with the ability to make the silicone semi-transparent and the application of standard adhesion procedures, this silicone rubber opens new ways for improved human-machine interaction.

Since the initial concepts for the technology, the potential of industries and applications that can take advantage of this innovation is huge.

Michael Lin, CEO of GS, said: “I’m thrilled to see how COCHIEF can bring all the benefits that silicone rubber provides to create advanced human-machine interfaces. We are just starting to understand what potential our cooperation can deliver to the many industries requiring HMI.”

Chris Lin, CEO of COCHIEF, said: “I was surprised to see how Compo-SiL can bring a new experience to our touch Panel products. We can now provide our customers more freedom with product design and a nice leather touch feeling. As the material is eco-friendly as well, I foresee excellent development opportunities.”