What are the types of die-cast aluminum alloy radiators?

What are the types of die-cast aluminum alloy radiators

Everyone knows that radiators are generally made of aluminum alloy. There are die-cast aluminum alloy radiators and aluminum profile radiators. Other metal materials are rarely used. So what types of aluminum alloy radiators are there? Today, the editor of the die-casting factory has listed some for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Types of aluminum alloy radiators:

1.Al6063/Al6061 aluminum alloy

The excellent plasticity makes it possible to manufacture profile radiators with an extrusion process. Almost any shape of radiator can be manufactured, the technology is mature, the price is cheap, and the processability is high.

2. Cast aluminum

Mainly used in large irregular shape radiators and radiators integrated with equipment cabinets.

3.LF/LY series

Mainly used in https://www.diecastingcompany.com/ equipment radiators for special use environments. The use environment has certain requirements for hardness and corrosion resistance.

LY12 is currently used more frequently.

4. Pure aluminum

It is mostly used in environments that require high thermal conductivity. Generally used less frequently.