X-Fab adds photodiodes to 180nm process, from UV to near-IR

X-Fab adds photodiodes to 180nm process, from UV to near-IR

Through the new module, customers get access to six different photodiode options covering wavelengths from ultra-violet through to near-infra-red.

X-Fab adds photodiodes to 180nm process, from UV to near-IRAmongst the photodiodes, 40% quantum efficiency is available in the UVA band, 50-60% in UVB and >60% in UVC.

“In relation to near-infra-red, significant performance improvements have also been witnessed,” according to the company. “At 850nm the photodiodes have 17% greater quantum efficiency than legacy devices based on the original XH018 process, and at 905nm there is a 5% increase. With a quantum efficiency of ~90%, the human eye response option is highly suited to ambient light sensing applications.”

Other enhancements include a 10% increase fill-factor compared to devices made on the earlier XH018 generation.

Photodiode responsivity can be set during manufacture by specifying the size of an aperture formed in metallisation layers over the diode – scaling it between full current and no current. This can be used to compensate for subsequent optical filtering, or to simplify following amplifiers – in multi-diode arrays, for example.

“X-Fab has built up strong optoelectronic credentials,” said X-Fab v-p marketing Luigi Di Capua. “Among the proof points of this is the fact that over 20% of mobile phone handsets manufactured worldwide feature an ambient light sensor that was produced by us. Thanks to the advances we have announced, we will now be better positioned to address demands for proximity sensing, spectral analysis, distance measurement and triangulation measurement solutions.”

X-Fab has analogue, mixed-signal and MEMS foundries for automotive, industrial, consumer and medical, as well as modular CMOS and SOI processes from 1.0µm to 130nm, and silicon carbide. It has six production facilities in Germany, France, Malaysia and the US, and employs ~3,800 people.

X-FAB will be hosting a free webinar that gives details of the augmented XS018 process on Thursday 15 April. There will be two sessions, one for Asian and European audiences, and another for the Americas.

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